Introducing NEW Torani Signature Syrups

ToraniSignatureSyrupDiscover the “New Nature of Flavor” with Torani Signature Syrups, the newest addition to Torani’s flavoring syrup family.  Torani, based in San Francisco, CA and managed by the founding family since 1925, has created a new line of all natural syrups made with simple real ingredients.

  • all natural flavors with heady aromas to entice and delight
  • all natural colors
  • preservative free
  • pure, real sugars from a variety of sources paired with each flavor to provide the optimal taste profile

Why do they taste so delicious and distinctive? Each syrup features a combination of pure cane sugar and either agave, maple or caramelized sugar that to match each of the natural flavorings to achieve flavor nirvana.  The combination of sugars and flavor delivers a taste experience unlike any other syrup. Each flavor naturally responds differently to the different sugars, which is why each Torani Signature Syrup uses a sugar blend specifically chosen to enhance that flavors unique properties.

Torani carefully designed and created a bottle to make the Signature Syrup as distinctive as your café and restaurant that has the founder’s signature on every bottle.  The bottles each have distinctive colors and flavor icons so they are easy to identify, making drink preparation more efficient.

Click here to view the Torani Signature Syrups product flyer and learn more.

To try this exciting new line of syrups, call your Stockton Graham & Co. sales associate at 800.835.5943.