Introducing Big Train REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES: Save $10 on each case in June!

Nothing says summer like the taste of a delicious Big Train REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIE. The refreshing combination of fresh fruit blended with cold ice makes an unbeatable and hydrating drink that combats the hot weather. Using the freshest fruit from around the world and hand-selected at peak ripeness, each Big Train Fruit Smoothie is full of real fruit with less calories and sugar than many other leading brands. Your customers can enjoy the refreshing summer tastes of Strawberry, Mango, Wildberry, Strawberry Banana, SuperFruit and Peach while getting the benefits of real fruit with every sip.  

Stockton Graham & Co. is offering $10 off each case through the end of June 2012… Just call us at 800.835.5943 today to place your order!

Real fruit smoothie pour over mix

The benefits to café owners and baristas? Not only will these delicious real fruit smoothies keep your loyal customers coming back for more, they are incredibly simple to make. Just pour over ice, blend and you’re done! It’s easy. No more measuring water and ice. Now you can make consistently great real fruit smoothies and serve more customers faster without waste. And with a 12 month shelf life, you also can save money. on, but not all smoothies are healthy.  The fact is that many fruit smoothies on the market are high in calories, fat, and preservatives.  Big Train smoothies have 25-40% less sugar and 30-50% less calories than many other leading brands. Also Big Train smoothies are made with real fruit that means you get the actual health benefits of fruit with every drink.