Independence Day is Nearly Here

The 1996 movie Independence Day from Roland Emmerich has over 180 filming mistakes, including our favorite:

When the huge alien ship settles over the White House, there is an exterior wide shot with tons of tourists milling about outside the property’s big iron gates. Not one person—adult or child—has any sort of reaction to the city-size alien ship that’s hovering above.Independence Day Shipping

Folks may not care about an alien invasion at your store this Independence Day, but they will care if your store runs out of coffee, syrups or smoothie mix you use to create their morning (or afternoon) fix.

Our Raleigh, NC coffee roasting facility will be closed from July 3-July 5.

So be sure to get your orders in early next week—Monday June 29 is ideal. Both Stockton Graham and FedEx will be closed on July 3-July 5 (click here for downloadable FedEx schedule).

Please note that neither FedEx nor our other shipping companies will move freight from July 3 – July 5. If you receive product via either of these methods, be sure to place your order by noon on Monday, June 29. If you pick up at our Raleigh headquarters, please place your order by noon on Wednesday July 1. 

All local pickups must be made before 3pm on Thursday, July 2.

Call a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943 to place your orders.