Increase Your Store’s F.A.T. with Oatmeal While Keeping Guests Lean

Oatmeal-ImageOatmeal is a great way to increase the F.A.T. within your business. We’ve discussed F.A.T in past blogs,  as essentially convincing your customers to visit more often “Frequency”, sell them more stuff “Ticket Average” or “Average” and get new customers in the door “Trial”. Increasing your F.A.T. essentially increases your bottom line. How can Oatmeal help with this?

Oatmeal has recently become a top seller in many coffee shops for it’s healthy nature (whole grains), ease of eating on the go and keeping you full longer. Customers will tend to come into your shop more frequently when they know you have more to offer.

Strictly speaking, most coffee shops get the most traffic during morning hours, giving customers their caffeine boost for the day. This is a great time to increase your ticket average with Oatmeal as a breakfast option. Having it displayed right at your coffee bar reminds customers of their need for a nutritious breakfast and the convenience of your service. Many customers will grab it as an afterthought while waiting for their beverage.  They are already purchasing their coffee from you, why not breakfast too?

Using oatmeal promotions between 12pm – 2 pm like, “25% off a oatmeal with a purchase of a specialty beverage”, is a great way to encourage customers to come back for another beverage and use oatmeal as a quick lunch or snack. This way you will encourage customers during different day parts, and possibly multiple times a day!

Believe it or not, there are some people who just don’t love coffee (gasp!), but by offering oatmeal and promoting it with posters in your windows, you could start drawing in these customers for an easy breakfast. While they stop by for a quick, healthy snack, they may then be tempted by the teas and smoothies you sell, too. Also, consider even promoting a special and healthy “smoothie and oatmeal combo” for more traffic in your shop.

Stockton Graham offers two ready to serve oatmeal options your guests will love, Umpqua Oats and Modern Oats, both boasting the delicious additions of nuts and dried fruits. These are convenient for customers who grab and go, and need a food that can keep up. Everything is in the cup – all they need to add is hot water, which a coffee shop obviously has! We’ve also explored a more cost effective way to offer oatmeal that is flavorful and enjoyable to your sit down customers in our Oatmeal Done Easy video blog. Either way, you know your customers, and what suits them best!

Call 800.835.5943 today to learn more about how oatmeal can play a role in increasing your F.A.T, or to request samples of the different Oatmeal brands we sell!