In-house sampling increases day-of sales by 475%, study shows

In the latest issue of Specialty Food Magazine there is a blurb on an independent study done by Knowledge Networks/PDI  that shows a 475% increase of day-of sales. based on in-house sampling.  These results are very promising for specialty beverage retailers:

“…in-store sampling not only substantially increases sales the day of sampling, but reveals a 107 percent increase in sales even at 20 weeks after the initial sampling. “

Free samples are the best way to encourage your customers to spend more. If you are promoting chai, place some 4 oz. cups out and fill with Oregon Chai. If you sell only one drink, you more than cover the cost of the sample. One tip that really works for your staff is pouring any leftover product from a blender into cups and handing them out to the next customer(s) behind them.SGC-success tools

Original post date: 10/01/2009
Repost date: 05/21/2014