Hot Holiday Flavor Trends for 2010

Ever wonder where that weird new featured flavor in a bag of chips come from?

A recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek profiled Kevan Vetter, the executive chef from McCormick & Co. Every year since 2000, Vetter has published his Flavor Forecast which has accurately predicted culinary popularity increases for chipotle and small plate meals, just to name a few.

Here are Vetter’s flavor pairings from his 2010 seasonal forecast from BusinessWeek:

A lot of good stuff for a specialty beverage retailer, right? Chances are caramel, almond, cinnamon, coconut, pumpkin and citrus syrups and/or sauces are already in your cafe. If they aren’t, we have them available in Monin, Torani and DaVinci Gourmet. You might also be able to get your hands on some bacon syrup from Torani and a pear from Monin.

Play around with what we have to offer – you never know when you might have another hit on your hands! Also, if you need an updated listing of flavors, give us a call and we’ll send you a new copy or additional recipe ideas.

Use the recipes below as a guide and be sure you let your customers know that the drink represents a combination of hot new flavor trends – you have to make them want it!

Coconut Cream Pumpkin Pie Latte
3 pumps of Torani Coconut syrup
3 pumps of Monin Pumpkin Spice syrup
2 oz. SGC’s Espresso Milano
12 oz. milk

Creamy Almond Caramello
3 pumps of DaVinci Almond syrup
4 pumps of DaVinci Caramel sauce
2 oz. SGC’s Seda Dulce Espresso
12 oz. milk

Combine espresso and syrup (or sauce) in 16 oz. cup. Add steamed milk and serve. Garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.