Hosting an SGC cupping event

The past few months we at Stockton Graham have done quite a few customer training events, all focused around tasting our coffee varietals.  This weekend we are headed down to Gainesville, Georgia to participate in a customer’s town festival.  We will be dissecting their custom House Blend (which we helped develop), giving away free shots of espresso, and teaching how the home consumer should properly grind and brew coffee. 

We love doing these types of events, so be sure to let us know if you are interested!  It is not only educational for you and your staff, but the customers walk away learning a lot more about the coffee you serve, and they also see your committment to serving great products!

In the next Graham’s Gazette, we’ll show you the steps and give tips on how to run your own cupping. Be sure to check it out!

Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster
Stockton Graham & Co.