Gourmet Tea Follows Growth of Specialty Coffee

There once was a time when tea came in beautiful ornate boxes—lovingly carved bamboo cases colored with scenes of tea ceremonies among twisting, knotty trees. That was a time when tea and ritual of tea drinking was cherished: Leaves were hand-picked at dawn, dried morning sun and seeped in the afternoon with other leaves and herbs to create a fragrant, healthful gourmet tea tonic.

Two Leaves and a Bud Stockton Graham & Co.Thankfully, the days when tea was considered an elegant and elevated beverage are returning. On the heels of the growth in the specialty coffee industry, there has been a tremendous upsurge in the high-end tea business.

In fact, sales of high-end tea has been growing steadily and has the capability of doubling its volume over the next five years.

This elite market has become an unexpected cash crop for higher-end coffee shops such as Starbucks. Starbucks is now opening gourmet tea cafes and tea bars from Teavana. These Teavana shops generally have fewer customers than the average Starbucks, but the patrons typically spend much more. They will buy gifts such as Japanese-style cast-iron teapots and loose leaf teas that can sell for as much as $24.98 for 2 ounces.

Popularity of gourmet tea

Tea bars like these are an upscale way to enjoy your next cup of tea. The gourmet teas are meant to be sipped and savored in a relaxing atmosphere; very different from just grabbing your standard paper tea bag and running out the door. High-end teas are growing in popularity, causing resurgence in tea popularity with young Americans. Two-thirds of Americans drink tea regularly, and one-third drink hot tea regularly. Even the coffee roasting and brewing staff at Stockton Graham & Co. in Raleigh, NC have been known to break up their day with a cup or two of tea.

World tea consumption went from 2.95 million tons in 2003 and increased to 3.75 million tons in 2007, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Gourmet teas cost 30 percent more than standard teas on average, making them an affordable luxury for many, giving you more profits.

The multitude of health benefits is driving this shift in public perception; tea is known to contain a myriad of antioxidants called flavonoids. These flavonoids are known help fight against harmful free radicals that can contribute to cancer, heart disease, and clogged arteries. There are studies that have found that some teas may fight diabetes as well as support weight loss and to lower cholesterol.

Tea is found in three general categories: black, green and herbal tea. When the softest and best part of the plant called the flush, or top two leaves and bud are harvested from the Camellia sinensis- or tea plant, how it is processed and shipped dictates whether it is considered a black, green, oolong or white tea. Herbal teas have very little, if any, real tea in them and contain little to no caffeine.

The best way to gourmet

Experiencing great gourmet tea has become almost like a fancy wine tasting. There are commonalities in the pairings, and quality. In order to differentiate between high-end and regular tea you have to start with the tea leaves themselves the appearance of the tealeaves lets you know quality of the tea. Teas with more tips tend to have a more nuanced and intricate flavor than those without them.

After the tea is brewed, make sure you smell the tea. Smelling the tea provides a new facet to the taste and flavor. When drinking the tea slurp the tea much like you would a fine wine. Aerating the tea by slurping activates the flavors and gives the best taste. Next you measure the mouthfeel, the tea shouldn’t be too oily on your tongue or leave your mouth feeling too dry. Make sure to note the aftertaste, some have very brief sweet aftertaste and some have an aftertaste that can linger for an hour or more.

Gourmet teas are usually presented in either loose tea canisters or specialized sachets in order to give the tea a maximum surface area flavor allowing the whole tealeaves to plump up as they rehydrate. These teas are meant to be sipped and savored allowing your customers to stay longer and spend money on bakery items.

Quality option

If you want to give your customers quality tea that they can see and taste why not serve Two Leaves and a Bud Whole Leaf Tea Sachets. You can tell from the modern, well-designed packaging and the tasteful point of purchase displays and serving cases that this brand takes their teas seriously.

The nylon pyramid sachets are both elegant and practical. This unique design is a vital part of making the perfect cup of tea. The three dimensional shape is ideal to get the maximum flavor. These small flushes are the freshest and have the best flavor so naturally Two Leaves uses only this part of the plant. Every sachet contains the perfect amount of tea for each 16 to 20 oz. cup serving.

Two Leaves is environmentally conscious by only dealing with sustainable tea growing practices and using only fully compostable packaging. Two Leaves teas are certified USDA Organic as well as EU Organic qualified. Their teas also carry the Non-GMO, Kosher and Gluten certifications.

“From the very start of our company, two leaves tea company™ has always used only natural ingredients in our teas,” said Richard Rosenfeld, Two Leaves and a Bud Founder and CEO. “Our customers want to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. In order to achieve Non-GMO Project verification, two leaves and a bud demonstrated that all of its ingredients are tested according to a rigorous and continuous program in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards. By officially becoming verified by the Non-GMO Project, tea connoisseurs can feel confident that they’re only consuming a natural product that has gone through rigorous third-party verification of GMO avoidance practices.”

Two Leaves and a Bud Whole leaf sachets deliver the total sensory experience with each sachet containing only the best whole tealeaves, flowers and fruit essences not flavorings. From the look of the packaging and the feel of the sachet and the aroma of the whole tealeaves you can tell superior quality.

Two Leaves takes pride in using only the best ingredients bought straight from the source. By buying from small farms at the source they are able to let the quality ingredients speak for themselves instead of using lower quality blending teas with flavoring like some other teas. These blending teas are included in most teas available today and bring down the flavor and quality of the tea. Two Leaves and a Bud Whole Leaf Tea Sachets are available in 18 different flavors for every mood or occasion.

Some of the most popular Whole Leaf flavors include:

Organic Earl Grey: This tea contains great quality, large leaf organic black tea. With just a hint of natural bergamot oil for rich flavor that ranges from a light citrus zip to a deep, smooth black tea. Perfect for any day, any time.

Organic Mountain High Chai Tea: This organic whole black tea is mixed with pure, whole traditional Indian spices like clove and cinnamon. A bold flavored tea that’s great by itself but can be smoothed out with milk or sweetener. It’s an exotic drink that’s great for everyday sipping.

Organic Jasmine Petal: This tea contains quality green tea leaves that are scented, not flavored with jasmine. The result is a divinely delicate floral aroma. This smooth cup of green tea makes for an otherworldly experience for any occasion.

Organic Orange Sencha: This tea is a twist on a Japanese favorite. Starting with whole leaf sencha leaves that are gently steamed as they dry they then add the tang of Italian red oranges. Perfect for early morning bliss.

Organic Chamomile: This herbal tea has a rich apple scent with soft honey notes and a lemon edge. Perfect for a relaxing evening under the stars.

Organic Better Morning Blend: This herbal has a combination of zippy flavors like the energizing citrus aroma and refreshing combination of lemongrass and peppermint this tea is sure to give you a naturally caffeine-free boost.

Think you would like to try Two Leaves Tea? We are offering a free filled 9-box display rack to customers who order 6 cases of the Two Leaves and a Bud Whole Leaf Tea Sachets.

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