Getting creative with your smoothie puree

Recently I was placed in charge of bringing a healthy snack to my daughter’s fourth grade class. I wanted to bring something special since we are moving and my daughter is changing schools. This is her going-away party. I thought that instead of bringing a sugar-packed soda or boring apple juice, I could make a healthy yogurt and fruit based smoothie.   So I purchased a bottle of Dr. Smoothie 100%  Crushed Fruit Strawberry Banana puree.

To make the smoothie, I mixed 1 46oz bottle of Dr. Smoothie + 1 46oz bottle of water + 1 46oz bottle consisting of a 32oz container of vanilla flavored light yogurt mixed with water to fill. No blender needed, which is good since my kitchen is currently in boxes! For less than $0.55 per serving, I was able to make a gallon of vitamin, mineral and protein packed goodness for her class, and I didn’t even dirty a dish.

If you have a cooler for retail beverages in your cafe, have you ever considered selling your Dr. Smoothie fruit purees by the bottle? One 46oz bottle will make a gallon of smoothie once mixed. It’s an economical and environmentally friendly beverage choice since you are reducing packaging; and it’s yummy too!

Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed whole fruit smoothie purees are 100% natural, fat-free and shelf stable. One 16oz glass provides over 3 servings of fruit to boost your body’s immunity this flu season. Dr. Smoothie even has a line of dietary supplements and whole food botanicals that you can add in for customized nutritional needs.

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Laura Heyda
Stockton Graham & Co.