FREE Seasonal Point of Purchase Materials

Customers have certain expectations of what your menu will look like. This is especially true in October, November and December. Some seasonal drinks sell themselves; a customer requests a Pumpkin Spice Latte because you’re a cafe and you should have it. The real trick is to sell those higher margin specialty seasonal beverages to your 12 oz. drip regulars. That sale is made easier with point of purchase material that encourages a customer to buy with their eyes.

Since most businesses don’t have a resident Don Draper marketing guru on staff, taking advantage of complimentary seasonal sales kits from manufacturers is a must. Monin and Torani have just rolled out their new seasonal packages and, believe me, they will help generate more revenue. These kits contain posters, counter cards and recipe sheets to make drink implementation as seamless as possible.

To register for Torani’s kit, click here. The link will send you to a Word document that you can fax back to the manufacturer.

To register for Monin’s kit, click here. You can sign-up online.

Both vendors give you the opportunity to register for automatic mailings or year-round items for each season, which I highly recommend. That way, even if it slips your mind, you can rest easy knowing that your point of purchase material will be coming, no matter what.

Stockton Graham also has a limited supply of these items available in our warehouse. Notify your customer care associate if you’d like to have one included with your next order.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.