FaLaLaLaLa for Flavored Coffees

Stockton Graham & Co. Winter Flavored CoffeesThis season, flavored coffees are back with a vengeance. Winter warmers are firing up coffee sales especially among dessert-flavored coffees like Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Gingerbread and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Flavored coffees are different than coffee beverages flavored with syrups from MONIN, DaVinci or Torani. Stockton Graham & Co. makes our flavored coffees to order with fresh-roasted beans that are tumbled in large bins with small amounts of flavoring. The result is a cleaner tasting flavored beverage with, of course, less sugar and calories than coffees that include flavored syrups or sauces.

Mintel Research tells us that flavored coffee sales are up 15%, with dessert flavored coffees leading the way. Put all the dessert-flavored coffees into a bucket, and sales are up a whopping 800% since 2010, according to Mintel. Yes, that’s right. 800%.

Big changes in flavored coffees are being pushed by Millennials who are more adventurous and like to experiment with different taste combinations.

Millennial coffee consumers are the coffeehouse generation, having grown up with choices, flavors and variety. These flavor-friendly flavored coffee drinkers are rapidly replacing Baby Boomers and black coffee. That’s why flavored coffee sales are indexing at a considerably faster rate than non-flavored coffee, according to Mintel Research.

According to research company NPD Group, customers will continue to be more adventurous in 2016. And brands that fare best will be the ones that strive for menu innovation, according to NPD Analyst Bonnie Riggs: “It’s about the food, the innovation.”

Now’s the time to think about flavored coffee for your store. Here are some of our new and popular dessert-flavored options:

Tiramisu – Our tiramisu coffee is made like the famous Italian dessert with light and moist flavors of ladyfinger cookies soaked in Marsala wine and espresso. We layer those flavors with the taste of creamy mascarpone cheese and fresh grated chocolate. Served with a splash of fresh cream, it’s like indulging in Little Italy without worrying about your waistline.

Red Velvet Cake – Red Velvet cupcakes may be one of the hottest dessert menu trends today, and so we did our our version with this flavored coffee. We blended deep cocoa and tangy cream cheese into bath of buttermilk and added a vanilla accent at the end. It’s a masterpiece of flavor in a cup!

Pumpkin Cheesecake – Pumpkin gets even more decadent with the addition of cream cheese in this new favorite. We prefer our pumpkin cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and so we crafted a foundation of honey cinnamon graham flavors to accent this coffee’s bold and round body.

Winter Wonderland – Four popular flavors come together in a snow globe of deliciousness: a winter wonderland of caramel and hazelnut powdered with a fresh snow of coconut and vanilla. Fans of our summertime favorite Jamaican Me Crazy® flock to Winter Wonderland for its complementary flavor profile. It’s guaranteed to warm your spirit with holiday happiness!

Yule Nog – This perfect after-dinner coffee features the flavors of rich, custardy egg nog like grandma used to make with fresh eggs and cream. Then we topped it off with a spike of cinnamon and nutmeg. Combined with a slightly sweet finish, this coffee is sure to delight your family and guests this holiday season.

Chocolate Peppermint –When you take one sip of this flavored coffee, you experience the sensation of skiing down a hill into a pile of glacial mint. It’s a great specialty coffee to enjoy in your snow boots or pajamas and makes a perfect companion to the holidays.

Cozy Fire – Bourbon, southern pecan and a touch of cinnamon flavor waltz together in a cup of 100% Arabica coffee. A sip warms the tongue and fires up the palate, keeping you toasty and full of energy for the long, cold nights.

Toasted Praline – A nutty and buttery pecan flavor, lightly toasted, is the centerpiece of our toasted praline coffee. Deeper on the palate, there’s a hint of dark brown sugar and cream. Imagine fresh-from-the-oven candy-coated pecans with far fewer calories per cup.

Gingerbread – This coffee is spicy sweet like the little gingerbread guys that are so hot this season. We’ve captured the scent and flavor of warm cookies fresh from the oven, complementing the ginger flavor with our own blend of cinnamon and hazelnut for a uniquely snappy taste!

CinnaGraham – Our most popular fall flavor continues to sell well this winter. Folks enjoy the fresh taste of honeycombs kissed with a sprinkle of cinnamon. The cinnamon is not as forward as some of our other related flavors, which leaves room for the honey sweetness to tantalize the tongue.

View a wider selection of flavored coffees here. To order coffee, email orders@stocktongraham.com or call 800 835 5943.