Experimenting with the Mypressi Twist & Red Espresso

Many coffee shop owners have shown interest in Red Espresso, but there still seems to be a problem with the owners being able to incorporate the product into their shops. The main issue that we have found is that coffee shops are having a hard time dedicating one of their portafilters for tea alone. Obviously, the taste of the shot would be distorted if a barista continued to switch between coffee and tea without a properly cleaned portafilter. However, washing out and replacing the basket of the portafilters after each shot would be too time consuming. As this problem arose, the folks at Mypressi believed they had the solution. They sent us one of their products, called the Mypressi Twist, which is a hand-held, portable espresso maker, which pours a shot in the same time and fashion as a standard espresso machine, without taking up all that counter space, and more importantly, offers an answer to the portafilter dedication problem.

The Twist is powered by the same N2O cartridges most coffee shops use for whipped cream, and can pour either a single or double shot just by adding some hot water and coffee. Mypressi suggested that we give it a whirl with Red Espresso, so we did just that. With the ease of just pulling the trigger, a perfect tea espresso shot was poured right before our eyes. The Twist however, can tango with more than just shots. That’s right; tea lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and more are just a squeeze away. The Mypressi Twist is much more than just a sleek new gadget that revolutionizes the art of pouring an espresso shot – it now allows coffee shop owners to dedicate an espresso machine for tea, and tea only, without interfering with the coffee portafilters on their standard espresso machine.

Tea espresso may be the perfect product to introduce to your shop, not only to add some new taste to your menu, but to spark interest to customers that may currently lack interest in the typical coffee espresso. Health benefits, small storage, lack of caffeine and great taste are all reasons for you to consider Red Espresso. All of us here at Stockton Graham & Co. highly recommend Red Espresso and are confident that you will be very impressed with this products’ great features, and endless possibilities.

Matt Hogan
Stockton Graham & Co.