Everyday Savings FAQs

Listed below are some of the more commonly asked questions and comments regarding the Everyday Savings Volume Pricing Program:

How does Everyday Savings volume pricing work?

To help you save money, we offer a dollar based volume pricing structure. For single orders meeting certain levels of product purchases, coffee and specialty beverage products, volume pricing will apply on a per order basis. For purposes of determining dollar based volume pricing, only coffee and specialty beverage product to be combined into a single shipment apply. Equipment and blenders are specifically excluded. Various charges for packing, handling and other special items also do not apply. For orders to be eligible for our Pallet Pricing, they must be received and accepted by 2 p.m. ET and may ship LTL at the option of Stockton Graham & Co. the next business day.

So, just how do I save more than before?

The key to the program is volume; the more you buy the more you save.  This can be done by ordering more of what you need less often, ordering  more full cases or by cutting down your reliance on multiple vendors or trips to the “wholesale style” clubs.

That seems like a lot to ask. I have multiple vendors because no one offers everything I need.

It is a lot to ask, however we do offer ALL the specialty coffee industry top specialty beverage products that most of our customers use frequently in their specialty coffee and hand crafted beverage program so combining items is easier than you might think.

The wholesale clubs have better prices on some items or flavors. Can you save me more?

YES!  As you build your orders, and achieve higher discounts, the lines you are comparing will drop in price.  While, say, your favorite syrup brand may be slightly higher; but because your total order is discounted, the compounded savings on everything else negates most price gaps.  Plus, you’ll save time and gas, which allows you to keep an eye on things in the shop or work with your customers to build your sales.

I call Stockton Graham & Co. about once a month for my frappe and smoothie mix… You offer more than that?

We do a lot more than that!  Since our days as a local, independent coffeehouse, we’ve roasted our own coffee, and sold an assortment of specialty beverage products.  Though we sold the shops years ago, we still roast coffee every day for many local & regional customers; a few are even spread out as far as Seattle.  Beyond that we offer many of the great products that cafés, gourmet shops, restaurants, hotels, confection stores, ice cream shops and more use every day in producing great handcrafted beverages.  These include teas, chai, syrups, sauces, smoothies, frappes, paper supplies and even some food items.  We also represent the best in espresso & coffee brewing equipment as well as blenders and more.  Check out all of our coffee and specialty beverage brands here- https://www.stocktongraham.com/specialtybeverages.

I have just a small-town shop and I don’t use much, so this probably won’t help me, right?

That depends on your unique business and its patterns.  You may actually use more than you realize.  Feel free to contact us to review your product mix and see how the program could work for you.

Ok, I believe I can save more, but why offer this now and not before?

We have spent countless hours examining our business model.  As a result, we have upgraded our roasters, rearranged our warehouse and modified our ordering systems.  We have negotiated with our suppliers and shippers to help find the optimal price levels and shipping configurations.   But, again, the key is volume, a big order costs us about the same to package and pick, package and ship as a small order.  As our efficiencies improve in multiple areas, and ultimately our shipping costs decrease with each “Free Freight” order we send out, we are able to pass on significant savings to you.

What if I don’t have space for tons of extra supplies?

Space is tight for everyone, and we’ve have idea from our experience and customers to make more space.  There are almost certainly some things that can be organized better to allow for a few more extra bags of this or bottles of that, especially if you are saving hundreds of dollars per month.  We have also helped our customers turn this “extra” stock into revenue areas to help them generate extra sales and profits.

What if I can’t afford to buy in bulk like this?

We strive to have competitive pricing for all of our customers.  We are aware that many of our customers are struggling to make ends meet, and we want to help.  This is the time of the year that most have a little more cash flow.  And if you let us, we will work with you to help you save money and time.  We think you’ll find it is not so hard, you will not run out of product so often and you might just have some much needed time to market your store.

What if I want to order like I always have?

We still offer our customers the flexibility to order according to their needs.  If you qualify for a discount, then you will receive it automatically.

How do I know if I received my discount?

This will be reflected on your invoice.  You may notice that line item prices are lower than our price list.  We can also inform if you qualify when you place your order.

How much will I save?

That’s hard to predict, since each of our customers ordering mixes and patterns are different.  We believe that the average café could save thousands through applied discounts and our “Free Freight.”  When you account for your own time & gas, the real savings start to add up.

What are discount levels, and how do I qualify for them?

We offer volume savings on most of our coffees and in stock specialty beverage products.  The discounts generally range from 3% to 10%, but vary by manufacturer and product within the brands, and while the program isn’t very complicated, we would love the opportunity to explain to you in person or on the phone and can produce a customer pricing grid for you.  Our time-honored Free Freight is still at $495!

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out the form to request a customized savings assessment and pricing guide, or give us a call at (800) 835-5943 to start saving today!