Other Equipment & Accessories

All equipment needs accessories to accompany it, and coffee and espresso machines are no different!  Whether you need replacement parts, or your volume has picked up and you need to add to your collection, Stockton Graham & Co. can help!  From airpots to espresso tamps, we can provide the accessories you need!  Here are a few items that are commonly ordered and are critical for all coffee shops to have:

Airpots – Ranging from size, style and brand, airpots are a must for all coffee shops.  If you already have airpots in your shop, it is important to make sure they are still functioning appropriately and continue to keep your brewed coffee hot for at least 2 hours.  If your airpots are no longer retaining heat, or no longer pour properly, it is time to replace them.  Airpots are also excellent for serving coffee at events where you cannot brew coffee on site. Even if you brew your coffee using single cup methods for serving coffee at your shop, a few extra airpots for outside work may come in handy!

Carafes – Like airpots, functionality and heat preservation are the two most important features of carafes.  Typically used for smaller brewers, carafes are perfect for conveniently serving coffee at a coffee shop or restaurant style venue, where a server may be going from table to table.  Carafes made from glass are often prone to breaking, so not only are stainless steel carafes much better at retaining heat, but they are much more durable!

Steam Pitchers – For your everyday barista needs, steam pitchers are another common accessory, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are essential for every coffee shop, can be very inexpensive and are easy to store.  Steam pitchers are also important for latte art and other “hand crafted” drinks that require that unique touch to set your shop’s menu apart!

Espresso Tamps – Another absolutely critical accessory is an espresso tamp. Espresso tamps vary in size depending on the type of machine you have and the diameter of your machine’s portafilter.  They are typically included in the purchase of a new espresso machine, but if you buy a used machine that does not include a tamp, or if your existing tamp is lost or broken, a replacement is mandatory!

Accessories are oftentimes forgotten or overlooked, but in most instances, they play a vital role in your shop’s productivity.  We understand that there are many different makes and models of equipment out there, so we will be happy to special order whichever specific item you may need.

For more information on equipment accessories, or to place a special order, call us today at (800) 835-5943!