Commercial Espresso Equipment

Buying commercial espresso equipment is a big investment for every coffee shop.  There are several different aspects including brand, functionality, quality and price range that you will certainly need to consider when choosing the right machine for you.  It is also very important to take into consideration which machines have repair technicians in your area and what it would cost to have them come to your shop for all periodic and emergency maintenance work.  At Stockton Graham & Co., we know that choosing the right equipment can be difficult, especially if this is your first time as a café owner.

Stockton Graham & Co. works closely with the top commercial espresso equipment manufacturers, and many of us are trained by the manufacturers themselves.  With this knowledge, we have a deep understanding of each brand’s features and which machines work best in certain environments.  Whether you’re a full-time coffee shop or a small restaurant with a desire to add espresso drinks to your menu, we will work with you to find the best commercial equipment for to meet specific needs!  Some of the most well-known and “SGC approved” commercial espresso equipment manufacturers include: Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, Astoria, and Rancilio.

Commercial Espresso Equipment Brands:

Nuova Simonelli Commercial Espresso Equipment Logo
Nuova Simonelli commercial espresso machine Photo Nuova Simonelli is dedicated to helping baristas serve their customers with their craft at the highest level through the application of science and technology.  The “Aurelia”, made by Nuova Simonelli, is currently the official espresso machine of Coffee Fest and the US Barista Championship and the World Barista Championship.

Nuova Simonelli Commercial Espresso Equipment Logola amarzocco commercial espresso equipment photoCommonly considered to be among the top-ranked espresso machines, these can be found in coffee shops all around the world.  The company was founded in Florence, Italy in 1927, where the machines are still handcrafted, today.  For many years it was the official espresso machine of the WBC.

Astoria espresso machineAstoria has developed a full line of espresso machines suitable for various market demands. With a variety of machines available, customers can serve an espresso or a cappuccino with the same quality and characteristics as those prepared by a master barista in Rome, London, Seattle or your own town.

Nuova Simonelli Commercial Espresso Equipment LogoNuova Simonelli Commercial Espresso Equipment LogoRancilio is a company with a long tradition, and its production of high-quality espresso coffee machines goes back to the 1920’s. After decades of constant growth, they offer a full range of products, which are considered to be first class in terms of quality, technology and design.

If you are interested in acquiring an espresso machine, you can count on Stockton Graham & Co. guide you on what we believe would work best.  Creating the best quality specialty drinks requires dependable equipment that can keep up with the demands of commercial use. We are dedicated to helping our customers find the right equipment so they can do just that.  From a single piece of equipment to a package deal of several pieces including doser grinders, Stockton Graham & Co. will help get that perfect machine onto your espresso bar!  Call us today to learn more!