Coffee Brewing Equipment

Bunn Coffee Brewing EquipmentThere are many factors to keep in mind when purchasing coffee brewing equipment. Airpots or decanters, grinders, filters and a coffee brewing system are just a few pieces you will need to get your coffee program up and brewing. Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we want to work with you to make sure you have everything you need to meet your coffee brewing needs. We select coffee brewing equipment that is high quality and maximizes the flavor of the coffee by meeting the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)’s brewing standards. The SCAA’s Gold Cup Standard has five key areas they focus on for optimal brewing levels: proper ratio of coffee to water, proper grind, proper equipment operation, good water and clean equipment.

Stockton Graham & Co. will discuss with you, your needs as a coffee retailer to help you decide which coffee brewing equipment choices are right for you and your business. Your environment is the first thing that will be assessed because your space and utility needs will affect your brewing capabilities. When is your peak rush? How many varietals of coffee will you be offering? And, how will you be serving your coffee? These are questions that will help us work with you to decide which of the available lines and models works best for your coffee needs. There are four brands that we normally use to supply top quality coffee brewing equipment: FETCO, BUNN, Curtis, and Grindmaster. They are all leaders in their field, and they offer a vast range of equipment, with many different features. Whether you are looking for a single cup brewing system or want to serve an event for 200, we can find the right equipment for you. In addition to coffee brewing equipment, these manufacturers also offer a variety of serving options such as: iced tea brewers & dispensers, bulk & portion control grinders and water towers.

Fetco Coffee Brewing Equipment logoFETCO relies on innovation to develop new and improved ways to brew coffee. Offering coffee brewers, hot water dispensers, coffee grinders and more, FETCO keeps their standards high and their technology new.

Bunn Coffee Brewing Equipment logoBUNN manufactures a wide range of coffee brewing and beverage equipment. They ensure quality products for commercial and home use. They have a large amount of choices in brewers, grinders, water systems and more.

Curtis Coffee Brewing Equipment logoCurtis was established with one goal: to make great coffee. Now they offer brewers, decanters, high volume brewers, grinders, airpots and more. Curtis makes equipment that obtains the SCAA’s Gold Cup standard and is a stable choice for any coffee producer.

Grindmaster Coffee Brewing Equipment LogoA few of the things Grindmaster offers are coffee grinders, brewing machines, single cup brewers, brew baskets and airpots. Recently merging with Cecilware, their goal together is to be a one- stop- shop for purchasing beverage equipment and other foodservice equipment.

Working with these manufacturers and your company, Stockton Graham & Co. will establish a plan to get you the equipment that meets your needs, at a competitive price. View the “Other Equipment and Accessories” tab to see more on these brands and other beverage equipment products. To help you brew and serve coffee at industry quality level, we will connect you to the best equipment for your goals. So, call Stockton Graham & Co. today at (800) 835-5943 to get started with your brewing equipment exploration!