Dilworth Event Recap

Last month, Stockton Graham & Co. held a “meet & greet” event with former Dilworth Customers in Charlotte, NC. The main purpose of the event was to bring Dilworth Coffee customers together with their roaster and vendors. At Stockton Graham & Co., we believe that face to face interaction is an essential part of understanding customer needs, and that interaction is not always convenient for busy cafe owners. For that reason, Torani, Big Train, Two Leaves & a Bud, Bunn, Vitamix, Taylor Freezer, Dade Paper and Carolina Espresso Services all came to Charlotte, NC. Representatives for these vendors contributed information and ideas to attendees, who in turn were able to communicate their needs directly to vendors. Don Keen and others from Just Coffee Inc. allowed us to meet at the old Dilworth Roastery.

The event was a complete success in that the cafe owners were able to meet with the Stockton Graham & Co. team and vendors. New promotions for 2011 were unveiled, cutting edge equipment was showcased, and recipes were swapped. With the amount of information and experience in the room, everyone seemed to benefit from the event.

In an effort to promote coffee education in the cafe community, Stockton Graham & Co. has made PowerPoint presentations from the event available on our website. Hopefully, this information will help to further build relationships between vendors and cafe owners, while promoting a deeper understanding of the potential versatility their products possess.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.