Dilworth Coffee

Dilworth Coffee

Dilworth Coffee is Stockton Graham & Co.’s specialty coffee brand. The brand was founded as Charlotte’s original specialty coffee roaster and retailer in 1989. For the past seven years, Stockton Graham & Co. has been exclusively sourcing, roasting, blending and selling Dilworth Coffee to wholesale customers and coffee consumers through a chain of Dilworth Coffee shops located primarily in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

Beginning in late May 2017, Stockton Graham & Co. will consolidate its two wholesale specialty coffee brands into one brand: Dilworth Coffee.

As a result of our market and customer research, we have re-invigorated the Dilworth Coffee brand with a new logo and packaging design. The new packaging is distinct and will help differentiate the brand from competitors. Market research has shown this positive change will lead to increased customer appeal and sales.

Why the change?

A recent study by Mintel revealed that Dilworth Coffee is the number one independent coffee brand among out-of-home coffee drinkers in North Carolina, ranking just under Starbucks and Caribou. We believe that consolidating our coffee under the Dilworth Coffee label will give our customers a much stronger brand and allow us to streamline production and distribution, which will result in a better overall experience.Dilworth Coffee

This is a new logo, isn’t it?

Yes, as part of this evolution we have re-imagined the Dilworth Coffee brand. After extensive customer and consumer research, we have rebranded Dilworth Coffee to focus on the heart and soul of the company: coffee. To represent that change, our new logo has a coffee bean at its center. Other elements of the old logo, including the type of fonts used and the scroll element have been retained. You will begin seeing this new logo on our packaging, stores and shortly, a new web site.

What’s the history of Dilworth Coffee?

Longtime Dilworth residents, Don and Alyene Keen brought fresh, locally roasted coffees to the Charlotte area in November 1989 when Dilworth Coffee, Charlotte’s original specialty coffee house, opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood. The Keen’s passion was to provide exceptional tasting coffees by sourcing the finest beans in the world and small batch roasting to highlight each coffee’s natural flavor, as well as ensure unparalleled quality and freshness.

Dilworth CoffeeHow can I offer Dilworth Coffee at my store?

Today, Dilworth Coffee is Charlotte’s oldest specialty coffee brand, and Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to uphold this long-standing Charlotte coffee tradition. We work with coffee business owners in many ways. We offer:

  • Bulk wholesale coffee that you can prepare in your store
  • Dilworth Coffee-branded retail packaging that you can sell at your store
  • Access to equipment, syrups, sauces, accessories, serving and holding vessels through Stockton Graham & Co.
  • Ownership and operations of your very own Dilworth Coffee store through a license program
  • A Dilworth Coffee-branded “Proudly Brewing” Program that you operate within your own business

Call Thom Swain at 800 835 5943 to learn more about any of these options.