Should you charge more for decaf coffee?

Decaf coffee typically has a higher price point than regular coffee, when decaf only accounts for less than 10% of your total coffee drink sales. Many times, you brew a fresh pot for one customer in the afternoon, only to pour the rest of it out at the end of the day.

It’s our belief that you should charge more for decaf ONLY if you make an amazing decaf drink. If you focus on the quality then of course you can pass along a slightly higher price point. If, however, you could care less about decaf, there is no reason to charge more. In other words, give the customer a reason to pay a little more.

Stockton Graham & Co. has some incredible decaffeinated coffees available in both Swiss Water Process and Euro Prep methods. If you’re looking for a naturally decaf espresso, add five pounds of SWP Espresso San Remo to your next order. It also makes for a tasty drip brew, too. Remember, give your customers a reason and try a new Stockton Graham decaf right now! Call us at 800-835-5943

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