Dear Joe,

The spill plate in front of my espresso grinder is always full of ground coffee. Do you have any ideas on ways to reducing the amount of waste from my messy doser?

Thank you for your help,

Ms. E. Grinder

Dear Ms. E. Grinder,

That’s a great question. Wasted coffee can indeed add up. My first recommendation would be to pay some attention to your baristas to see if they are overdosing when they grind the espresso. It can be difficult, but a well-trained barista should be able to grind only as much as they need for each shot. This will help to ensure freshness and cut down on waste. If much of the waste is coming from the doser, you may be able to improvise a chute to funnel the grinds and keep them from spraying out all around. Another option is doser-less grinder.

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Yours in coffee,
Josephius A. Graham