Dear Joe,

Dear Joe,
I want to celebrate the holidays with decorations, but I don’t want to scare off customers who celebrate different holidays. How do I stay politically correct?

– Greg


Decorating your café to celebrate the season is an important way to show your customers that you are a small business. The most important selling point for any café is a personal, non-corporate atmosphere, and the best way to show this around the holidays is with pictures of your customers. As your regulars go on vacation or decorate their homes, ask them to bring in a picture or two from their travels with a short description. Even offer a little discount to kick-start the campaign. The personal touch will also show new customers that real people are running the shop, not a distant investment group (It also doesn’t cost a lot).

Once you get a few pictures hanging around, look for ideas in the descriptions and in the pictures themselves. Your guests want to enjoy the holidays, but more importantly, their holiday. What better way to find out that your shop will need Rohatsu decorations, than by recognizing that many of your customer went to India to celebrate. The point here is that you need not worry about political correctness; you merely need to represent your customer base.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham
Stockton Graham & Co.