Dear Joe,

I know there is going to be a high demand for Apple Cider very soon, but I don’t know exactly what to get or how to prepare it. It seems like I could miss out on some potential sales but I’m just not sure how to go about it. Is there an easy way to make cider, does Stockton Graham & Co. sell it?

– Paul


Cider is certainly a beverage that will sell if you offer it and market accordingly; however it is a seasonal drink. You are not going to be able to get rid of any “leftovers” as the holidays come to a close. Stockton Graham & Co. does not choose to sell cider mainly because you can get cider at great prices locally. Farmers markets and roadside stands will have plenty of cider to sustain the brief spike in demand however; I recommend that a large demand for cider be replaced by chai-der. Chai-der is simply chai with a touch of caramel and apple syrup. Chai-der was developed here at Stockton Graham & Co. to overcome the limits as well as the demands of apple cider. When the holidays (particularly Thanksgiving) end, chai is still marketable and apple syrup can be incorporated in to other beverages without waste. This of course saves money for you and your customers. Both cider from your local market and chai-der should do fine on your menu, you should simply look at quantity and decide if your local market will be able to sustain your needs.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham
Stockton Graham & Co.