Dear Joe,

I am calibrating my espresso machine, and all my adjustments don’t seem to be helping me to make a proper shot. What am I doing wrong?



Dear George,

Assuming that dosing and packing are correct and consistent, and attempts at grind adjustment do not seem to correct the espresso, check the boiler pressure gauges on the machine to ensure the equipment is in proper working order. Also make sure the portafilter is not leaking or overflowing, and that the machine is set on a level surface.

If your portafilter keeps leaking even if it is tightly secured, or if the gauge is brewing lower than 8 or higher than 10 bars, contact your service technician. Keep up with ongoing cleaning and maintenance and yearly preventative maintenance from your tech for best results.

We sell Cafiza powder to back flush your machine with and we offer a Cleaning & Maintenance course apart of Coffee College. Contact your customer care associate for dates and times today.

Josephius A. Graham
Stockton Graham & Co.