Dear Joe,

I noticed today that the Organic San Remo price has gone up.  I looked back and it looks like the price increase began on 4/12.  Is this accurate that it has gone up .35¢ / pound?


Dear Sarah,

We had a coffee price increase as green prices have been steadily increasing for months now. We are now starting to see those increases.

The reasons for the green increases are many, ranging from severe weather in many regions, to pest infestation. These problems are finally coming home to roost, resulting in significantly smaller crop sizes the world over. Here is a link to a blog article Jeff wrote in December, when we were starting to see some of the writing on the wall:

If you’d like additional information, I’d recommend checking out the International Coffee Organization website ( The Executive Director publishes a monthly letter that serves as a market report and it’s incredibly informative. Here is a link to March’s report, in which the Executive Director predicts a second consecutive year of reduced production:

Your Organic San Remo happens to be a blend comprised of coffees that have been hit hard by the aforementioned issues. 2009 and 2010 has not been good to Latin America, in terms of coffee growth.

While we regret that some of the increases do have to be passed along, we are doing everything we can to help insulate our customers  as much as possible while, at the same time, continuing to exceed the quality level you expect and your customers demand.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham
Stockton Graham & Co.