Dear Joe,

Everywhere we go we see “Follow us on Facebook” or something about Twitter. We don’t even know what a “tweet” is! Do we need to look at these in addition to our website for our business? We’re a small shop and don’t want to spend a lot of effort or money on some fad. What do you suggest?

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb


You should absolutely do these for your shop.  First of all, they are free and very easy to start.  Furthermore, those people that you get to follow you, do so because they WANT to hear from you.  We a have customer in a very small town who has over 600 fans on her Facebook page.  All of her followers are by association…no advertising, no mailing lists… simply through viral interest in her business.  Each week she will post a special, event or announce new products.  We’re talking maybe five minutes or less, two or three times a week.  These sites are also more dynamic and useful than most webpages today.  I highly recommend you start a Facebook Fan Page and link to it via Twitter so you can update while mobile.  Check out our blog at for more social media tips.

Yours Truly,

Josephius A. Graham