Dear Joe,

I came into my cafe today to find no water flowing to my espresso machine. What’s going on?

Let me know,


Dear Brian,

I am so sorry to hear that! My guess is the culprit is the deep chill we are getting right now!

With the cold weather lately, customers have been seeking out drinks to ease the chill, but what happens in your shop after you’ve closed and gone home?  We got another call like this from a customer this morning with an espresso machine issue.  They couldn’t get any water and the all the lights were flashing.  She told me that she can brew coffee and wash dishes, but no water was getting to the espresso machine.  We went through some of the usual troubleshooting questions with no obvious answer.  It turns out that her shop, which is in an office building, sits right above the parking garage.  The water line for her espresso machine is actually exposed, and had frozen solid.  This raised the question: how many of our other customers might have the same issue?

 Much like your homes, you will want to ensure that your pipes are well-insulated. Simple measures such as insulation batting should be enough to get most of us through this cold snap.  This is a fairly inexpensive solution that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills and lost sales.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham