Dear Joe,

I’m in the market for a used espresso machine. Any advice?


Jake S.

Dear Jake,

It is understandable that you’d be looking for a piece of used equipment right now. The market is flooded right now due to downturn of ’09. It’s tough to pass up a great deal, especially nowadays, but I would caution you from jumping into something before you get all the information.

We almost never recommend buying used espresso machines. We’ve seen more than our fair share of customers who thought they were getting a steal, when they really were getting a lemon. You can probably guess the pitfalls of buying a used espresso machine, but, if you must, here are the questions you need to ask the seller before forking over any cash:

1) Was routine preventative maintenance provided?

2) Was the water filter routinely changed, based on usage?

3) Where, and for how long, has the machine been in storage?
(If the answer here is anything but in a climate-controled room, then run for the hills.)

4) Has the remaining water been drained from inside the machine?
(You can imagine what stagnant water can do to the guts.)

Also, keep in mind that the outside condition has almost nothing to do with the insides. You could be looking at a beautiful, candy apple red LaMarzocco FB-80, but on the inside, it is a wreck.

For more advice, give our industry experts a call at 800.835.5943.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham