Original Java Jacket® Custom Printing

It’s no secret that hot coffee tastes better when served at 190F – 200F. Trouble is, hot coffee creates hot cups. That’s why paper cup sleeves (or coffee collars, cup buddies, coffee sleeves, cup snuggies, coffee cozies or simply cup holders) are so important to your business. After all, who wants a customer with a scalded hand!

Cup sleeves perform more than a functional purpose. Emblazoned with your shop’s logo or perhaps an inspirational saying, they’re essentially traveling billboards for your business. A logo-adorned sleeve can entice fellow transit riders, office workers and errand-runners to stop by your store for a cup of refreshment. You can even make money off cup sleeves by including printed coupons and BOGO offers, or use the free ad space to raise money for a popular local charity.

The original cup sleeve — created by entrepreneur Jay Sorensen in 1993 — has been such an impactful invention that it is now part of the permanent collection at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Through a partnership with Sorensen’s company Java Jacket, we are delighted to make custom printing of the original Java Jacket cup sleeves available to customers of Stockton Graham & Co.

Java Jacket Benefits

Quality Java JacketsQUALITY
The original Java Jacket is the highest quality coffee sleeve on the market, featuring patented embossed nubbins that enable insulating air to flow between the hot cup and the sleeve. Heat-activated glue ensures the sleeve stays in place on the cup.


Java Jacket Brand

Print your own design using up to six Pantone(TM) colors. You can also request Stockton Graham & Co.’s award-winning design services to create a unique look for your shop or store. Design services are billed separately. Contact your Customer Care Associate for details.


Java Jacket SizesFLEXIBLE
Two different size Java Jackets are available to fit cup sizes from 8 oz up to 20 oz. The Large Java Jacket will often fit up to 24 oz cups. The patented Java Jacket design provides a snug fit on multiple cup sizes without slippage.


We take our impact on the environment very seriously. Java Jackets are recyclable/compostable. They are printed on post-consumer paper and use food-safe ink. SFI- and FSC-certified papers are available at an additional charge.


Choose our Auto-Ship Program, and we’ll ship 10 cases (1300 Java Jackets per case) immediately upon printing. We’ll then send you 10 cases per shipment over the following six months. Ask a Customer Care Associate for details.


Ordering Java Jackets

Your Stockton Graham & Co. Customer Care Associate is available at 800 835 5943 to walk you through your Java Jacket options and assist with ordering custom printed Java Jackets for your business. Or simply fill out the order inquiry form below to get started.

Java Jacket Size
Large, fits 12 oz to 20 oz cupsSmall, fits 8 oz cups

Order Type
Single ShipmentAuto Ship

Quantity (1300 Java Jackets/case)
40 cases (minimum order)Other quantity, please specify in field below

Paper Color
Natural KraftMatte WhiteGlossy White

Number of Colors (black counts as a color)

Who will design your Java Jacket?
I will use my own designerContact me about Stockton Graham & Co. designers

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