Creating a Custom House Blend

As a specialty retailer, your expertise and ability to serve a superior product is an important part of your appeal. Customers who visit specialty shops are looking for an expert who is really passionate about their work. When you visit a bakery where the owner is a third generation baker who has been in the business most of his life, you get the feeling that you are in for a treat. You can be sure that this person is going to deliver something that nobody else in town can. Secret recipes and hand preparation provide atmosphere and value to the specialty shop. As a specialty coffee retailer, your ability to convey such an atmosphere will add to your success and increase customer loyalty.

Stockton Graham & Co. would like to extend an offer to personally create your house blend. By offering a custom house blend in your shop, you can more perfectly cater to your customers’ needs while building a reputation as something truly special. A house blend is also a great way of guiding customers who do not otherwise know what they want to order. By having an approachable and delicious house blend, you can ensure that the customers who just want a “regular” coffee are getting something extraordinary.

In order to create a house blend, you must understand the opinion of your market, and the only accurate way to acquire this sort of information is by sampling. Through a short series of precise sampling, your customers will provide the necessary insight about what they want in their cup.

During the sampling process you should give your customers a taste of the three main growing regions of the world. Be sure to provide an avenue for feedback that evokes information about flavor and roast level. If this information is present, then a much better blend will often result. During your sampling process, you should also try to communicate that your end goal is to create a house blend. Tell your customers that their opinion will help decide what the blend will taste like. This sort of customer interaction will help promote the idea that your café is a place of high quality products that strives to bring their customers better coffee.

For more information, or to request an on-site cupping with our roastmaster, please call 800.835.5943

For a listing of our single origin coffees that we use to build all blends, visit our single origins & organic single origins page

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.