Colombia Huila

Colombia HuilaConventional wisdom tells us that bigger is better, with respects to coffee that is. Bigger the bean, the better the flavor right? May’s featured coffee, Colombia Huila defies that law proving big things can, in fact, come in small packages.

Our featured coffee for the month of May comes from Colombia, the third largest producer of coffee in the world and is one of the preferred sources of specialty coffee. Colombia only produces Arabica and is known for its two grading classifications; Excelso and Supremo. Excelso beans are the smaller of the two beans. While many people associate size with quality, Colombia grades its beans based solely on size. Therefore, Excelso is smaller than Supremo but is not inferior. In fact, they both can come from the same tree.

Colombia Huila Cupping Notes

AROMA: Floral, Sweet
BODY: Soft
FLAVOR: Almond, Jasmine, Clementine
ACIDITY: Balanced, Citric
AFTERTASTE: Tangy, Clean

Colombia Huila Sourcing

Huila is one of the most well recognized growing regions in Colombia. About a third of all Colombia’s coffee exports come from Huila. But more importantly, Huila is well known for producing high-quality coffee.  In 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status — the same status awarded to champagne, Manchego cheese, Tequila and many other consumables with unique, location-specific characteristics.

When drinking Colombia Huila, expect delicate aromas of cane sugar and white flowers paired with sweet and floral flavors with the fruity tang of clementine citrus.

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