Coffee for our Veterans on Veterans Day

In the words of Calvin Coolidge, Veterans Day is “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace,” and to us it’s a great day to share a cup of coffee with our veterans.Coffee Veterans Day

We here at Stockton Graham & Co. love to support our veterans any day and especially Veterans Day. Every year, we make donations of coffee to a group of Vietnam veterans who have an annual reunion. One of these veterans, Phillip Leslie, has been a customer of ours since the inception of Stockton Graham & Co.

“Phil has been a meaningful customer,” said Jeff Vojta, co-founder and CEO of Stockton Graham & Co. “We have really deep connections with him and this is a means of thanking him and calling attention to all of our customers who are veterans.”

To help celebrate Veterans Day, we sent five pounds of our Costa Rica Romelia and five pounds of our Colombia decaf coffee to share at the veterans’ reunion. Costa Rica Romelia is a crowd favorite for its aromas of honey and sweet orange zest. The body is well-rounded and silky…perfect for sipping while celebrating.

Don Roberto Tarrazu coffeeOur Colombia decaf is a favorite among veterans who are watching their caffeine intake. It’s a medium, balanced coffee with a dry acidity that complements pastries, donuts or other sweets without overpowering them.

This year the veteran reunion will be held in San Antonio, TX. We will donate coffee again as a thank you to them for their service to us and our nation. Last year the reunion was in San Diego and next year it will be in Washington D.C.

This is a group of some 1800 members who were a part of the Second Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division who served in Vietnam from October 1965 to April 1971.

The reunions are held as close to Nov 10th as possible, because November 10, 1776 is the birthday of the Marine Corps.

Please join us in celebrating the day and recognizing the service of our brave veterans on this Veterans Day.