Stockton Graham Coffees: Roast-to-order Specialty Coffees

Stockton Graham Coffees are ideal for coffee houses, cafes and specialty food markets striving to provide guests with the best quality and freshness. Stockton Graham Coffees offer not just quality single origins, light & mild blends, medium blends, dark & full blends, espresso blends, single origin espressos, flavored coffees, sustainable specialty coffees, seasonal flavored coffees, seasonal blends and some limited edition coffees, but an experience for your customers to carry with them throughout their day. You can work closely with our Roastmaster to develop a roast-to-order House Blend tailored to your exact needs and specifications.

Originally created and roasted for our own specialty coffee house, Stockton Graham Coffees are craft-roasted coffees produced in Raleigh. The collection is sourced from the finest quality Arabica beans from around the world and includes single-origins, blends, espresso and flavored coffees. Designed specifically for full-service specialty retailers, these offerings are versatile and work well whether brewed in small to large batches, or by the cup.

100% Arabica Coffees
Single-Origins – Blends – Espressos – Flavored Coffees – Sustainable Specialty Coffees
• roast-to-order coffees are shipped immediately after roasting
• custom roast profiles and signature blends
• Kosher-certified
• can match your current signature blend or espresso
• distinctive single-origin offerings
• only available directly from the roaster, Stockton Graham & Co. ®
• most blends and many single-origins are available as a Euro or Swiss Water Processed (SWP) decaffeinated

Bulk Coffees – Packaged Coffees – Portion Pack Options
• 5 lb. bulk packaging standard with customizable sizes from 2 – 40 lbs.
• 12 oz. packaged coffees standard with customizable sizes from 2 – 16 oz.
• stock label and private label options are available

Retailer Support
Point of Sale Programs – Signage – Training
• point of sale materials available for quarterly features including counter cards, shelf talkers and coffee labels on packaged coffees
• description sheets for flagship single-origins and blends
• training programs and event support offered
• signage and bin/airpot labels

As an industry leader and pioneer in developing and promoting specialty coffee standards (SCAA, WBC, USBC), we develop all roast profiles for optimal flavor when brewed according to SCAA Standards.