Sustainable Blends

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Sustainable Blends:

From Stockton Graham Coffees Brand:

Organic Blue Moon Blend
This organic blend of Central American varietals and Indonesian offers the perfect balance of  mild chocolate notes and spicy indulgence in a sustainable blend. Aromas of chocolate and sweetness draw you into the silky body that is balanced nicely with the subtle acidity and spicy notes in the finish.

Organic French Roast Blend
Organic Sumatra beans and Organic Latin American beans roasted in a darker french roast style. Though a dark roast, its notable acidity resonates through the flavor profile, brightening towards the end of the tasting experience.

Organic San Remo Blend
An organic and sustainable blend option that features ample crema loaded with caramel sweetness and rich dark chocolate flavors are balanced against a creamy smooth body. This coffee performs well in all sizes of milk-based drinks, as well as alone in a demitasse. Tasters comment that this espresso’s sweet and rich flavors linger with layers of sweetness long after the last sip. We recommend 17 grams of coffee for each 1.75 – 2.25 ounce extracted shot. 

From Dilworth Coffee Brand:

Organic Lila’s Rain™
Dilworth’s signature organic blend celebrates the best harvests in Latin America.  This is a light roast blend that exhibits bright, tangy acidity balanced with a creamy mouth feel.  Subtle sweet notes are offset by delicate cinnamon flavors that is sure to please the most discerning pallets.