Medium Blends

BEST SELLERS: Medium Blends
Black and Tan Blend: South American blend with chocolate, caramel and mild spice notes and a silky body. Cowboy Java: South/Central America
Clean chocolate, wood/earthy notes with a syrupy body.
Buzz Blend: Indonesia/South American Chocolate and caramel with hints of dry nuts, light acidity and a buttery mouth feel. Portico House Blend: Indonesia/Central/South American
Pleasant chocolate flavors and sweet fruitiness with a bright acidity and creamy body.
Mocha Java Blend:  Indonesia/Africa
Lots of Chocolate notes, berry and a well balanced mellow acidity.
Classic House Blend: Indonesia/Central America/East Africa
Lots of chocolate notes along with some hints of berries, and spices with a very mellow acidity and full body.
Wired Not Tired: Indonesia/Central America Chocolate with hints of berry/citrus.

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Medium Coffee blends:

From Stockton Graham Coffees Brand:

Autumn Harvest Blend
This blend features traits of fruits from the autumn harvest. When brewed, it expresses a light scent of blueberries, and the flavor is reminiscent of dried apricots with chocolate and caramel accents. The velvety body makes for smooth drinking that ends with an aftertaste as crisp as an autumn wind.

Backwoods Blend
When a long-time customer clamored for another unique house blend some years back, we had to listen. Born out of the process of cuppings and customer events was Backwoods Blend, another Stockton Graham recipe discovered serendipitously! While not ultimately selected by our customer’s regulars, our roasting staff knew that with some tweaking, we’d have a hit on our hands. Tangy nuances of black currant present in the aroma are outstanding indicators of what’s to come. Your customers will definitely approve of this flavorful blend.

Black & Tan Blend
Some people prefer light-roasted coffees, some prefer dark. Black & Tan can help you cover all your bases, especially hard-to-please in-betweeners. This blend offers the best of both worlds. The intriguing aroma of chocolate and subtle spice draws you into this perfect blend of light roasted Brazil and dark roasted Colombian Supremo. This blend provides the best of two distinct roasting levels, the deep flavor and fragrance of the dark roast, and the light sweetness and tangy, medium acidity of a lighter profile. Luscious caramels complimented by mild spicy notes with a smooth, silky body are the cornerstone of this blend.

Buzz Blend
Another medium blend that’s almost universally enjoyed, Buzz Blend combines Central American and Indonesian coffees. The results are hard to dislike: the subtle scent of chocolate-covered caramel and the taste of walnut. Slight acidity gives the flavor a pleasant dryness that goes well with the warm, buttery feel in the mouth.

Campfire Blend
Like a cozy fire on a cold night, great coffees like this bring people together. The dark roast brings out the earthy, woody flavors of the blend’s Indonesian beans, the tinder that gets the Central American acidity building from a subtle spark to steady, shining warmth that stays through the aftertaste like campfire memories.

Cape Lookout Blend
Inspired by the historic Carolina seashore of the same name, Cape Lookout Blend is a flavorful complement to our coastal heritage. The essence of lemon and other citric traits stand out among malt-like flavor notes, each heightened by acidity as bright as the beacon of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse cutting through the night. The finish is dry with hints of semisweet cocoa.

Celebration Blend
A celebration of all the major coffee-producing regions of the world with our French roast as the centerpiece, the origins in this blend exhibit traits that don’t always stand out on their own. After carefully balancing the acidity and body, distinct notes of candied fruits and savory melon arise before finishing clean with a slight malt aftertaste. This blend is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Choice Blend
Choice is a handcrafted blend of three of the world’s most favored origins: two bold, fragrant East African origins and a fruity South American bean. It has a surprising berry-sweetened caramel taste with perky acidity that finishes bright and smooth. We didn’t name it “Choice” for nothing.

City Market Blend
The sights, sounds and smells that come from strolling in and around a bustling urban marketplace is an experience like no other. An exotic fruit stand provides a burst of bright colors while open-air food vendors send scents swirling. The sensory sensation provided by our great blends, including this one, is incomparable, too. City Market Blend is a balance of Indonesian and South American coffees with a medium body and completed by a smooth, focused finish.

Mocha Java Blend
This is one of the oldest coffee blends in the world, first created by Dutch merchants trading between Africa and Indonesia in the 17th century. Our version incorporates the traditional Ethiopian with our Indonesian coffees for their most desirable traits. Mocha Harrar Java features the scent of berries, a silky body, and the rich, full-bodied taste that coffee lovers expect from African and Indonesian origins.

Moonlight Sonata Blend
We like to imagine that Beethoven’s 14th sonata may have been inspired by the Austrian coffees he doubtlessly enjoyed during his time in Vienna. The foundation of this blend is a dark-roasted Indonesian bean with Ethiopian Harrar playing a perfect accompaniment, neither too sharp nor too flat. This is a blend so well composed that it’s quasi una fantasia.

Morning Blend
All our morning blends are held to a standard of eye-opening qualities that really get you started, but this blend is unique in that it’s our only morning blend to feature an African coffee. That adds a bright citric complement to the Central American’s flavor and broad body, resulting in a tanginess that really shines in the aftertaste.

New Orleans Blend
The Big Easy has always been a city of vivid culture and strong passions, a character that colors even the residents’ tastes in coffee and roasting traditions. Our take on New Orleans-style coffee is a medium-level roast of a premium Indonesian varietal balanced by an aromatic Central American, giving this blend a smoky, woody flavor and delicate acidity.

Ocracoke Island Blend
Ocracoke Island, one of North Carolina’s barrier islands and a popular vacation spot, is best known as the stomping grounds of Edward Teach, the dread pirate Blackbeard. This blend is built like a good drink and a puff from the pipe, something even Blackbeard could appreciate: a wine-like body with a berry aroma and fruit notes, plus a finish marked by sweet pipe tobacco brought out by the dark roast level.

Tarheel State Blend
Our regionally themed blends all appeal to certain tastes, but Tarheel State is specifically crafted for broad appeal. Medium-roasted Latin American coffees give this blend a warm, nutty aroma and buttery body that invite you into the cup, where you’ll find a hint of sweetness that stays all the way through the clean aftertaste. This is the coffee for people who think they don’t drink coffee.

Wake Up Carolina Blend
Coffee roasting is about toeing the line between being innovative and flavorful or muddled and over roasted. We always shy away from descriptors like bold because it can mean so many different things to different people; however, this coffee, by definition, is utterly bold in its flavor profile, execution and overall tasting experience. Wake Up Carolina! is a blend of East African, Indonesian and Latin American coffees that combine to create a rich, chocolaty taste that is both full-bodied and incredibly flavorful. Reach for the alarm and for a cup of coffee.

Wired Not Tired Blend
The best nights out on the town are the ones that outlive the night. A solid cup of joe is an oasis in the no man’s land between last call and a liquid lunch. The chemistry between choice Indonesian and Central American beans gives this blend a crisp, sweet flavor with nothing standing between you and the caffeine kick-start you need to keep the good times rolling on into the next sunset.

From Dilworth Coffee Brand:

Mocha Java Blend
One of the world’s most celebrated and classic coffee pairings, our take on this classic blend is sure to please.  Rich chocolate notes livened up with sweet berry and tangy acidity, offering a bittersweet finish to this superb blend.

Morehead Estate Blend™
Morehead Estate Blend™  incorporates varietals exclusively from Latin America in a way that celebrates southern hospitality.   This complex, yet approachable blend yields a full bodied cup of coffee with a high acidity.  A delicate balance between body and acidity makes Morehead Estate an excellent choice for any brew style.  Chocolate notes followed up by a nutty aftertaste will leave you with nothing but a desire for more.

New Orleans Blend
Bold and decadent, like the famed city itself, this complex blend delivers a full bodied, syrupy flavor profile that is nuanced with peaks of bittersweet chocolate and suggestions of peppery spice.  Celebrate the best in New Orleans with this blend.

Providence Blend™
Latin American and Indonesian varietals entice you with nutty undertones balanced with an earthy, full body.  Well balanced acidity rises to the top of the spicy, captivating flavor experience.