Light Blends

BEST SELLERS: Light Blends
Andes Blend: Central/South American
Rich vanilla and creamy caramel with well rounded body.
Morehead Estate: Central/South American Hints of sweet chocolate, nuts and a bit of fruitiness with a balanced acidity.
Carolina Morning Blend: Central/South American Sweet, wine-like body – fruity flavor of berries. Mellow acidity.
Cafe Cordoba: Central/South American
Chocolate malt, sweet fruit/ citrus notes lend to a mild acidity and soft body.
Stockton Breakfast Blend: Central/South American Lots of nuttiness, bright acidity.

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Light Coffee Blends:
From Stockton Graham Coffees Brand:

Andes Blend
The Andes Mountains are the backbone of Latin America, and the Andes Blend is the backbone of our Latin American blends. The coffees in this blend are grown high on the mountainsides, resulting in denser, flavorful beans. This is a light roast whose flavor is mellow and sweet like candy, with hints of rich vanilla and creamy caramel. The body is well rounded and shiny with a pleasant finish that brightens once it leaves your tongue.

Cape Hatteras Blend
Our Carolina-themed blends are some of the best the Old North State has to offer. This one captures the relaxed atmosphere of the Cape, very mellow with fruity, citrus qualities and vanilla-like sweetness. Each sip starts with bracing acidity, sharp as the air coming off the Atlantic, and ends with a pleasant, long-lasting touch of flavor that stays with you like memories of the coast.

Carolina Morning Blend
A perfect morning in Carolina was the inspiration for this Latin American blend of 100% Arabica coffees.  Eye-opening brightness, balanced with a naturally sweet and nutty flavor profile is a great way to begin any day.  The gentle, wine like body finished with hints of berries leaving a subdued and mellow finish.  Like a perfect morning in the Carolinas, this blend is full of hope and possibilities.

Mama Graham’s Café Blend
Was it possible she could have known her boy, and Stockton Graham & Co. co-founder Josephius A. Graham, was destined for coffee greatness? Mothers always do (or think they do). Young Josephius learned so much from his mother and it was always Mama Graham’s dream to own her own café. So, in honor of his late mother, Josephius paid homage to his mother and the expertise she passed on to him by creating a blend that would have been right up her alley. Highlighted by the best that Latin America has to offer, Mama Graham’s Café Blend bustles with notes of intense brightness and crescendos into a sweet, delicate finish. Mama Graham would be so proud!

Stockton’s Breakfast Blend
Named after our co-founder, Alexander Stockton III, this coffee is the perfect illustration of our philosophy of breakfast blends: They should be light, bright, and pack a kick. The light-roasted Stockton’s Breakfast Blend exceeds those requirements. The nutty flavor pops, and its neat body and finish complement breakfast instead of overpowering it.

From Dilworth Coffee Brand:

Andes Supreme Blend™
Light roasted South American coffees highlight this blend.  Shiny acidity balanced with a clear, crisp aftertaste punctuate this cup.  Subtle fruit notes are found throughout the tasting experience.

Café Cordoba Blend™
A bouquet of sweet aromas and high notes opens up this tasting experience.  An incredibly smooth and creamy body with notes of sweet stone fruit finish this experience.

Dilworth Breakfast Blend™
Aromas of chocolate and spice awaken your senses and the rich, velvety body and mouth feel does the rest.  Bakers chocolate and cedar lead your taste buds through this dark roasted blend, and its glassy finish leaves you wanting more.