Seasonal Flavored Coffees

Fall Flavored Coffees

Pumpkin Spice: Out of all Stockton Graham & Co.’s flavored coffees, Pumpkin Spice is our most popular fall offering. With its aromatic blend of autumn spices such as nutmeg, clove, and hints of cinnamon, this 100% Arabica coffee is the perfect pairing for chilly evenings and crisp autumn air.

Salted Caramel: Classic caramel, with its lip-tingling sweetness and rich buttery body, is finished with a delicate twinge of sea salt. The salt amplifies the sweet cream and light brown sugar flavors without overpowering the rich natural flavors of our 100% Arabica coffee.

Salted Caramel Brownie: Our classic caramel flavored coffee is wrapped in milk chocolate and finished with a dash of sea salt in a 100% Arabica coffee. This smooth, indulgent combination warms the palate and tantalizes the tongue with a subtle contrast of sweet and savory.

Crème Caramel: A sweeter version of our Crème Brûlée, this coffee combines the elegant flavors of sweetened cream, caramelized light brown sugar and natural vanilla with our 100% Arabica coffee. Think of a five-star Crème Brûlée topped with a glistening ganache.

French Almond: In France, the sweet meringue-based cookies made with egg white, sugar and ground almonds are called macarons. Here, we call our 100% Arabica French Almond coffee a perfect sip of almond paradise.

CinnaGraham: The flavor of fresh honeycomb sprinkled with Ceylon cinnamon elevates this 100% Arabica coffee to savory new heights. Not as cinnamon-forward as some of our other related flavors, this coffee tastes like an adult version of those cute honey graham snack bears.

Butter Pecan: If you’ve ever been to the South in the fall, you know that pecans become a popular item as soon as the leaves begin to change. Stockton Graham & Co.’s Butter Pecan 100% Arabica flavored coffee captures the unforgettable aroma of pecans roasting in sugar and butter that will inspire a southern state of mind no matter where you are. This unique recipe goes well with roaring fires and reminiscing with old friends.

Pumpkin Cream: Stockton Graham & Co.’s Pumpkin Cream 100% Arabica flavored coffee features the traditional spicy sweetness of pumpkin pie enveloped in thick French vanilla. Reminiscent of Grandma’s pumpkin pie, this delicious treat is a seamless end to hearty fall dinners spent with family.

Caramel Apple: Gooey caramel apples have become a popular treat during the fall season. Stockton Graham & Co. captures the sweet taste of Granny Smith apples fresh from the orchard and wraps it in rich, creamy caramel to create our Caramel Apple 100% Arabica flavored coffee. Celebrate the season with this confection-inspired coffee!

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Stockton Graham & Co.’s Pumpkin Cheesecake flavored coffee puts a tasty spin on a traditional holiday treat! Cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and cloves combine with sweet pumpkin to wrap our 100% Arabica coffee in the luscious flavors of fall. With a spicy sweet aroma, this creamy coffee is a delightful way to warm up a chilly autumn morning.

Apple Gingerbread Cobbler: Soft warm apples sprinkled with brown sugar layered between cobbler crumbles make the perfect treat during the chilly autumn season. Stockton Graham & Co.’s Apple Gingerbread Cobbler flavored coffee is sure to delight those looking for 100% Arabica coffee with a unique and tasty twist. All this cinnamon spiced coffee needs is a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream!

Butterscotch Toffee: Waves of buttery caramel and creamy toffee blend with our 100% Arabica coffee to create an old-fashioned delight! Stockton Graham Butterscotch Toffee flavored coffee makes long autumn days seem just a little brighter. A great coffee to share with loved ones!

Pecan Caramel Crunch: If you are a fan of creamy caramel chews and pecan pie, you’re in for a treat with Stockton Graham & Co.’s Pecan Caramel Crunch flavored coffee. The buttery flavors of caramel and toasted pecans combine with our 100% Arabica coffee to create delectable cup that will make fall your favorite season. The perfect accompaniment for trips to the State Fair or visiting relatives for Thanksgiving.

Bourbon Pecan Pie – This familiar blend of flavors will warm your home during the holidays. The bourbon notes bind with warm pecans and create a wonderful match. Serve this alongside some holiday cookies, and the rich oak flavors will resonate throughout your home for hours.

Pumpkin Hazelnut – Pumpkin Hazelnut is a perfect combination of pumpkin spice and hazelnut flavors. If you are looking to expand your flavored coffee offering for the fall season, this is great to keep in mind. The blend serves as the perfect transitional offering, and the wonderful autumn character will warm the hearts of your customers.

Winter Flavored Coffees

Chocolate Cherry Kiss – Chocolate covered cherries are a classic candy recipe usually reserved for special occasions; to be given to your special someone.  While the candy version is a tad messy, you can enjoy our version without the sticky mess!  Starting with our 100% Arabica beans, we then blend flavors of sweet, juicy cherries and creamy candy then surround it with sweet milk chocolate.  Chocolate and coffee go together naturally so well, and the added sweetness and fruit from the cherries makes for a delectable treat.  You can share this with your love, or enjoy it all by yourself.

Chocolate Peppermint – Remember the old candy commercials? When you take one sip of this flavored coffee it’s like…experiencing the sensation of biting into a peppermint paddy, with our own personal twist: Great specialty coffee! Bold dark chocolate coats refreshing, glacial mint nuances, creating a cup so hot, it’s cool!

Cozy Fire – Sitting by the fire in mid-winter is a great way to cope with the outside elements.  Wanting to create this experience in a cup, we blended bourbon flavoring, some traditional southern pecans and a touch of cinnamon with our 100% Arabica coffee.  The warmth resonating from this coffee selection is substantial enough to cause you to pause, sip and linger a bit longer.  Perfectly matched with the coldest months of the year, this flavored coffee selection that will keep you toasty and full of energy for the long, cold nights.

* Gingerbread Spice – The spicy-sweet confections of Eastern Europe inspired this coffee. We’ve captured the scent and flavor of warm loaves of gingerbread fresh from the oven and complemented it with our own blend of cinnamon and hazelnut for a uniquely snappy taste!

Winter Wonderland – In celebration of the holiday season, we’ve put four outstanding flavors together in an enticing medley: a winter wonderland of hazelnut and caramel blanketed by a powdery snow of vanilla and coconut. It’s guaranteed to keep the cold away and warm your spirit with holiday cheer!

Yule Nog – Egg Nog has been a holiday tradition for centuries with old family recipes handed down through the generations, so each family’s tradition has its own distinctive flair.  With our Yule Nog, we start with the classic creamy egg nog and add a cinnamon and nutmeg flavor spike. Combined with a slightly sweet finish, this coffee is sure to delight your family and guests this holiday season.

Spring Flavored Coffees

Cupid’s Love Potion – You’re sure to fall head over heels for this seductive elixir. Our 100% Arabica coffee infused with delicate notes of white chocolate and cherries makes for an alluring and irresistible flavor combination. Enjoy this dreamy coffee with friends, loved ones, and secret crushes.

Lucky’s Pot of Gold – Traditional Irish Crème liquor is blended with subtle notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts to create this prefect treasure.  When combined with our 100% Arabica coffee, this flavor creation produces a creamy, sweet body balanced with hints of the Irish throughout the experience.  Discover this treasure today, and enjoy its balanced flavor.

Red Velvet Cake – The classic staple in any Southern gathering is the Red Velvet Cake.  Although not originally created in the South, it has made its way into Southern folklore.  We wanted to add the inspiration behind this recipe to our 100% Arabica coffee, thus giving our customers another way to enjoy this sweet indulgence.  We blended creamy cocoa with hints of tangy cream cheese notes to produce this well rounded, and true to form flavor.  Enjoy it anytime of the year, and find out why this treat is as popular as ever.

Spring Fever – Seasonal changes are always exciting, especially when we move into warmer temperatures!  Celebrating the beauty of Spring with its sweet aromas and hopes of new life, we created this flavored coffee selection.  By adding bright blueberry and cherry notes to our 100% Arabica coffee, you can enjoy the flavors that are possible with the new season.

Sugar Cookie – Sugar cookies have been a longtime holiday favorite. Their simple, buttery goodness is hard to improve on, but we think our addition of macadamia nuts really sets our recipe apart. That classic cookie taste in our own specialty coffee is our gift to you!

Toasted Macaroon – A macaroon is a cookie made with a paste of ground almonds. Our macaroon recipe comes to coffee with a lightly toasted sweetness, cream notes and just a hint of cinnamon. It’s an excellent choice for breakfast or for dunking macaroons!

French Silk Our French Silk flavored coffee has all the decadence of your favorite light and fluffy chocolate pie. With the taste of semi-sweet chocolate layered on crumbly graham cracker crust, this 100% Arabica coffee simply needs a dollop of whipped cream to create the perfect dessert. Flavors of rich chocolate mousse meet the aroma of freshly baked pie in this silky cup. The perfect after dinner coffee before a leisurely evening stroll in the park.

Summer Flavored Coffees

Blueberry Strudel – A taste of our Blueberry Strudel flavored coffee is like waking up on a sunny Saturday morning to the scent of pastry warming in the oven. Featuring the taste of sun-ripened blueberries wrapped in a warm, flaky pastry, our Blueberry Strudel flavored coffee is the perfect pick for cool summer mornings. Sweet blueberries and soft cinnamon flavors meet our hand-picked100% Arabica coffee to bring a creamy finish to the cup.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut – After taking a sip of our Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavored coffee, you might think you have taken a bite of a crunchy, freshly baked cookie. Made with 100% Arabica coffee, our Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavored coffee tastes just like a buttery sweet treat drizzled with gourmet dark chocolate still warm and gooey from the oven. Featuring the flavor of macadamia nut wrapped in the semi-sweetness of dark chocolate creates a delectably rich cup perfect for evenings in with a date.

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut – Take a sip of our Hawaiian Macadamia Nut flavored coffee and be transported to the warm sand under the shade of a coconut palm. You might even hear the waves of the majestic Pacific Ocean crashing as you sink in to the flavors of fresh pineapple, coconut and smooth, buttery macadamia nut. These tropical flavors combined with our 100% Arabica coffee will rejuvenate you with the aloha spirit!

Jamaican Me Crazy – Our Jamaican Me Crazy flavored coffee will have your grooving as if you were standing in a shack on a fine sand beach near the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. This premier signature recipe of spicy Jamaican rum, thick French vanilla, creamy caramel and sweet coconut will transport you to the powdery sands of Montego Bay just in time to catch the  vivid colors of a Jamaican sunset. You might even hear the sounds of the steel drums as you pour a cup of our 100% Arabica coffee and smell the rich aroma of rum, coconut and vanilla. The unmistakable aroma of spicy rum and fruit sinks into a smooth and mellow finish in this complex cup. This wildly popular flavored coffee pairs perfectly with hazy summer afternoons spent with close friends.

Royal Hawaiian – The majestic Hawaiian Islands, rich with history and culture, are full of breathtaking landscapes that range from powerful volcanos, to tropical forests and shorelines famous for ripping waves. We’ve attempted to capture the spirt of these incredible islands in our Royal Hawaiian flavored coffee. Made with100% Arabica craft-roasted beans, this coffee is enveloped in the sweet, refreshing flavors of pineapple, coconut and smooth, buttery hints of macadamia nut. A cup of Royal Hawaiian will refresh you like only a trip to the Pacific islands could. This coffee is great at any time, but it goes especially well after indulging in grilled pineapple at a hot summer cookout. 

Summer Sea Breeze – Summer hasn’t begun until the first time you feel the hot sand crunch beneath your toes as you run toward the cool, refreshing waves of the ocean and dive in. Warm sun on your skin, sand between your toes and salty sea air rustling your hair gently lulls you into blissful relaxation as you hear the sea gulls caw and hear the waves rhythmically crashing to shore. Our Summer Sea Breeze flavored coffee captures the essence of a day at the beach and will rejuvenate your spirit like only a trip to the coast can. Creamy coconut, fresh macadamia nut and diced pineapple combined with our 100% Arabica coffee is the perfect pick-me-up for a summer morning or an afternoon pick-me-up after a day spent playing in the waves. 

Toasted Macaroon – If your childhood was anything like ours then a cup of our Toasted Macaroon flavored coffee will take you right back to lazy summer afternoons in the kitchen helping your mom whip up a batch of sweet and chewy coconut treats. With the aroma of coconut warming in the oven and the taste of sweetened cream and almond, this 100% Arabica coffee will awaken memories of those bright, sunny afternoons spent baking with your family.


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