Coffee Descriptions

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SingleOriginsAll coffees begin as a single origin coffee or varietal that can be traced to a single country, region, farm, field or even “lot”.  We sample many different lots of coffees to find the ones that best meets our exacting standards, and we develop roast profiles that bring out the “best” qualities of the coffee in the cup.


Sustainable Single OriginsWe are a USDA-certified organic roaster. Sustainability, as used in the coffee industry, refers to coffee that is produced using farming, harvesting and business practices that ensure the livelihood of the farmers and the farm itself. This helps to ensure that the farms, farmers and workers can afford and want to continue growing great tasting coffees for years to come.


LightBlendsOur Light blends are bright, mellow and creamy. They are ideal for customers looking for a lively coffee that does not linger too long on the palette, and many of our our light blends are popular as breakfast blends.


Medium BlendsOur medium blends offer well-balanced acidity and body. They tend to be more textured and slightly creamier body than our light blends, with a taste that lingers longer on the palette.  More multi-dimensional and savory, our medium blends are among some of our most popular blends.


Dark BlendsOur dark roasted coffees tend to have fully developed roast profiles with low acidity and heavy syrupy body. The thick body and nuanced tastes of chocolates and spicy notes balance the bittersweet with the sweet lingering on the palette without unpleasant bitter notes. Many of our dark blends are enjoyed as after dinner or dessert coffees.


Sustainable BlendsUsing our exceptional tasting single origin varietals, we have created several popular organic and sustainable blends that share many of the characteristics of our conventional coffees. These blends can include coffees that are certified organic, Fair Trade or RainForest Alliance.


Seasonal BlendsOur Seasonal Blend listing contains many coffees that are blended especially for various seasons, to complement popular foods, consumer taste profiles and popular gift items. To help our customers’ merchandise, we offer seasonal coffee Point of Sale Materials and Seasonal Labeling for many of our most popular offerings. They are usually here for a limited time only, so enjoy while you can.


EspressoBlendsEor the modern coffeehouse, espresso is the foundation of a hand-crafted made to order drink menu. To help our customers find the espresso blend that enables them to prepare expertly crafted shots and drinks, we offer a variety of blends and flavor profiles. Each one is unique in its flavor profile that with proper calibration will enable an establishment to create uniquely individualized taste and sensory experiences for guests.


Single Origin EspressoWe also offer a selection of single origin espresso, an espresso blend of beans from the same origin and lot, some with differing roast levels; blended to produce enable a properly extracted espresso shot to exhibit an exhilarating sensory experience.


FlavoredCoffeesWe use flavorings specially developed for coffee to produce a large variety of flavors. Some of our flavored coffees are available caffeinated as well as in a Euro-prep and Swiss Water® Decaffeinated version.