Your Summer Coffee Menu

Summer Coffee Menu Stockton Graham Raleigh Coffee RoasterLate spring is usually a time when customers’ beverage preferences switch from hot to cold; and if you don’t plan carefully, your traditional hot coffee menu can experience a dip in sales. There’s always iced coffee, of course, and putting a few cold versions of America’s favorite beverage on your menu (see our article here) can help even out those dips. There are other things to consider when planning your summer coffee menu.

First, don’t abandon hot coffee altogether on your summer coffee menu. Some customers simply won’t choose iced coffee in the morning, and others rely on an espresso pick-me-up to get through hot, humid afternoons. Statista reports that 84% of consumers would purchase hot coffee in spring—only 9% fewer than the 93% who say they would purchase hot coffee in winter. In summer months, three out of four customers say they would purchase hot coffee. Even customers who move to iced coffee after lunch will often drink hot coffee in the morning and late evening.

Coffee Shop EventsSecond, expect your customers’ taste buds to change slightly as the weather warms up, which impacts your summer coffee menu. After 20+ years of roasting coffee in the seat of the South—Raleigh, NC—we’ve found that coffees roasted to accentuate their innate juicy berry and citrus flavors rise to the top during hotter weather. Our Tanzania Peaberry, with its floral Jasmine aroma and bright juicy aftertaste, is a favorite in the hotter months. And if you haven’t tried our limited-edition Ethiopia Limmu, you’ll be amazed by its aroma of ripe strawberries and watermelon. The coffee features flavors of strawberries, raspberries and rosehips that delight the tongue. Its aftertaste is clean and sweet.

PNG Illustrated Map-01Last but not least, don’t forget the espresso on your summer coffee menu. Both the casual latte drinker and the single-shot espresso aficionado alike tend to gravitate toward single-origin options that boast juicy fruit flavors and tangy acidity when daytime temperatures jump. Our Papua New Guinea single-origin espresso fits that bill well, which is why customers seem to love it. You’ll find that by using 18-21 grams of coffee for each 1.5 – 2 ounce shot, Papua New Guinea melds distinct stone fruit flavors with a milk chocolate sweetness and mildly tangy acidity that keep customers coming back again and again.

For more ideas for your summer coffee menu and how to keep hot coffee sales robust during the hotter months, feel free to contact a sales associate or Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943.