Coffee College: Cafe Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance on Feb. 26th

The quality of your drinks depends on the cleanliness and proper operation of your equipment, whether you serve 200 cappuccinos a day or brew one pot of drip in the morning.

Cafe Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance, apart of Stockton Graham & Co.’s Coffee College course offerings,  will teach you how to perform basic preventative maintenance and regular cleaning on common brewing equipment.

Instructor Brad Kirby, Stockton Graham & Co. coffee roaster and former certified technician, will guide you through the following objectives on Friday, February 26th :

Learn the basic components and functions of modern brewing equipment

Analyze the importance of water softening and filtration

Perform practical, hands-on maintenance procedures on espresso machine, grinder, brewer, etc.

To reserve your spot in this course or to request more information, please call 800-835-5943, or check out the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

Happy Brewing,

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.