Improve Consistency and Proficiency with Coffee College Courses from Stockton Graham & Co.

Attending Coffee College at Stockton Graham & Co. can carry more benefits than just increasing your knowledge of coffee preparation.  Having your staff successfully complete the education program offered through several key courses can in turn lead to more consistent and higher quality drinks, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and returning patrons.  Our coffee professionals can assist you and your staff in sparking a newfound passion for coffee that you can take into your shop and continue honing your skills of creating fantastic beverages.  One of the main concerns in cafes is having each barista perform and create menu items consistently and proficiently. We here at Stockton Graham & Co. offer courses that can help shop owners be relieved of these worries, and reap the benefits of pleased customers that undoubtedly be coming back!

Coffee College courses include: Coffee & Espresso Basics, Brewing Fundamentals, Cupping for Coffee Shop Owners, Cafe Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance and Exploring Blends. These courses cover key areas of your coffee & specialty beverage program. Our staff of coffee industry professionals designed each course to present their collective experience in comprehensive, hands-on lessons. Coffee College will help you support your great drinks with the know-how to set you apart from your competition!

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