Coffee as an Education

Do you ever find that the passionate curiosity of your customers is difficult to match? Perhaps your guests want to know more about the origin of your top seller, or they may wish to know more about the flavor of their favorite coffee. Do your baristas even know how to describe your house blend? As a coffee shop owner or manager, it is important that you and your employees stay knowledgeable about your product. Customers can sense genuine knowledge and experience, and they will react to that knowledge with trust. In addition to selling great coffee, any good coffee shop needs to portray a sense of authority on all things coffee. This principle applies to all business, but it is often overlooked. You certainly wouldn’t trust a sommelier who did not know their way around a vineyard, and most consumers find comfort in the fact that their barista knows the difference between Indonesian and Central American coffee.

Hopefully the image of your café already includes expertise as an element, but learning in any form is a constant process, not a final destination. You and your baristas need to constantly update yourselves on the latest trends and information that your customers secretly desire. Even if your customers do not ask for a little history on their cappuccino, they would appreciate a morsel of knowledge to share with their friends.

This week, Stockton Graham & Co. has released updated information on all single origin coffee and we are working to bring you more information in an accessible manor. Although Stockton Graham & Co. offers hundreds of blends, espresso roasts and flavored coffee, each of these trace their roots to only sixteen single origin coffee varietals. These single origin coffees are blended and roasted at various levels to create different options that help your coffee shop stand out. The updated information regarding our single origin coffee varietals can be found here, and each description includes a printable flyer which can be used around your shop to help inform your customers. This sort of information is invaluable to your business, and your customers will build confidence in your expertise as your baristas exhibit their knowledge. Continue to explore and learn as much as possible in any way you can, and check our website periodically for more educational materials. Also, feel free to contact our customer care associates at (919) 881-8271 to find out information regarding specific blend and espresso details.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.