Building a Specialty Beverage Program with Torani!

As a café owner, you are often faced with the dilemma of choosing whether or not to expand to a more diverse menu. Though the idea of offering more always sounds great, adding more, frequently requires more time, space and money, and in today’s world, the term “more costs more” applies more than ever, until now. Thanks to Torani, however, you can now offer a full specialty beverage program with as little as three flavors of Torani syrup!

The gurus at Torani have estimated that with just three flavors of Torani syrup, you can create a whopping total of 33 different beverages for your café, including six different styles of drinks! Now you can add an abundance of variety to you menu, without spending much money, or worrying about finding a ton of storage space for new products. For a program with three syrups, it is recommended to use strawberry, peach and raspberry. These three are very versatile and also happen to be extremely popular options!

Introducing a program like this into your café, can allow you to offer beverages including iced teas, juices, Italian soda’s, cocktails, slushes and more. This is a great way to offer something unique as well as allowing you to stand out from your competitors. To learn more about Torani’s specialty beverage program, or to inquire about any of the other allied products that we offer, please give us a call at 800.835.5943 and your Stockton Graham & Co. customer care associate will be happy to assist you!

Matt Hogan
Stockton Graham & Co.