Brews for Dads

Stockton Graham Coffee Father's DayBold. Spicy. Sweet or Mellow. Whatever your dad’s flavor, there’s a flavor of brew that will suit him perfectly. In honor of dads everywhere—and in preparation for Father’s Day next weekend, today’s #RecipeFriday is coffee.

That’s right, coffee. Plain and simple: brewed in a Hario V60 for a clean coffee taste. Served black (or maybe a pinch of raw sugar, if dad’s a sweet tooth.) Why not surprise the dads who come by your shop on Father’s Day with a pour over cup brewed especially for them?

Black Coffee (V60 Method)
25 grams of coffee (Medium grind)
400 grams of water at 210F

Wet filter in V60 ceramic cone with hot water and then discard the water that filters into the coffee carafe. Add 25 grams of ground coffee to the filter. Slowly cover the grinds with water and let coffee bloom for 30 seconds. Pour the remaining water, up to 400 grams, slowly in a circular motion for roughly 3:30 to 4 seconds. Remove wet filter just before last drips of water to keep the brew light and sweet.

Now, how about the coffee! Different coffees suit different dads. Here are a few suggestions, all of which are roasted at our Raleigh, NC coffee roasting facilities:

Coffee for the Bold Dad

Organic Sumatra Mandheling: This varietal comes from the west coast of the island of Sumatra. Most Sumatran coffees are similar in the sense that they all feature deep, earthy bodies, little acidity, and showcase bold, chocolate notes. The Mandheling selection has all of those characteristics, but is also a bit smoother in the cup, with sweeter notes.

Sulawesi Toraja: Traditionally, coffee is dry processed in Indonesia, resulting in a bolder and heavier body, lower acidity, and often earthy, chocolaty notes in the cup. This varietal possesses nice spice notes in the aroma, balanced with full-bodied earthy nuances and hints of fresh cut cedar.

Coffee for the Sweet Dad

Guatemala Coban: Sweet floral and honey aromas entice you into this coffee. The acidity is a bit unusual for a Guatemalan coffee. The acidity in this coffee is present, but it isn’t the first thing you notice, rather it is a nicely balanced acidity that provides support for chocolate malt and sweet citrus and berry flavors in the cup. The body is soft but very present, and provides the canvas for the amazing sweet aftertaste.

Project 512: A blend to mark our 20th anniversary on May 12, 1994, this coffee balances the fruity, wine-like flavors of East African coffee with the bright, lively acidity of Central American coffee. The result is a timeless blend of sweet, fruity notes with a creamy mouth feel.

Coffee for the Spicy Dad

Panama Boquete: Year-after-year, the Boquete region of Panama wins awards for it’s impressive beans. When you taste our Panama Boquete, you’ll understand why. With a cinnamon aroma and flavors of molasses, plumb and subtle hints of spice, this coffee creates a well-balanced cup with a lingering aftertaste.

Kenya AB: Coffees from this East African nation have long been one of our favorites to source. Kenya produces some of the finest coffees in the world. Many factors that attribute to this fact are ample rainfall, warm climates, and their varied processing methods. The most desired coffees from this country are those that possess sweet, tangy acidity, with a well-rounded mouth feel and body.

Coffee for the Mellow Dad

Brazil Alta Mogiana Peaberry: A departure from other Brazilian varietals, this bean packs soft, sweet flavors balanced nicely with stone fruits including dried apricots and plums. The body is exceptionally smooth, and the acidity builds gently—creating a mellow coffee with a clean finish.

Costa Rica Tarrazu: The delicious vanilla aroma of this coffee introduces the palette to this bean’s fresh, juicy flavor. The thing that makes this coffee so special is it’s rich, creamy body and clean, bright acidity that is neither too sweet nor too spicy—but always just right.

Coffee for the Nutty Dad

Jamaican Me Crazy: This premier signature recipe of spicy Jamaican rum, thick French vanilla, creamy caramel and sweet coconut will transport you to the powdery sands of Montego Bay. You might even hear the sounds of the steel drums as you pour a cup of our 100% Arabica coffee and smell the rich aroma of rum, coconut and vanilla. The unmistakable aroma of spicy rum and fruit sinks into a smooth and mellow finish in this complex cup.

Nuts About You! It’s no secret that nut flavors are some of the most delicious additions to coffee. They’re incredibly versatile and complement a wide range of flavors, including combinations of other nuts. Nuts About You! Is our signature mix of three distinct nut flavors: Our Southern roots demand pecans, hazelnut seems made for coffee, and almond gives the blend its distinct candied nuttiness!

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