October Blend of the Month–Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest is one of the earlest blends created for a customer over 10 years ago who wanted to find a fall and winter blend with a crisp acidity and a creamy, velvety body. 

During our blend development process we typically develop several blends for the customer to choose.  Autumn Harvest was a favorite among our staff and when it was not chosen, we decided to make it available to all our customers.  We have featured it several times over the past decade and it has become a popular year-round seller.  This year the Costa Rica and Ethiopia components in this blend gives  it exceptional nuances of dried apricots and a caramel sweetness.

This is an excellent coffee to accompany an Apple Danish, Cinnamon Apple Scones,  Granny Smith Apple Tarts  or buttery shortbread cookies.

If you’re interested in developing a custom house blend for your business, contact SGC at 800.835.5943. Our roasting staff is available to consult with you today!

Autumn Harvest : This blend features traits of fruits from the autumn harvest. When brewed, it expresses a light scent of blueberries and the flavor is reminiscent of dried apricots with chocolate and caramel accents. The velvety body makes for smooth drinking that ends with an aftertaste as crisp as an autumn wind.

 AROMA: light fruit notes
BODY: velvet, smooth
FLAVOR: caramel, chocolate
ACIDITY: crisp
AFTERTASTE: lingering sweetness

*Also available in decaf