Batch 0995 Coffee

Batch 0995 Craft Roasted Portion Pack Coffee from Raleigh NCConsumers’ interest in specialty coffee is at an all-time high. In fact, one out of every two cups sold in America is specialty coffee. To capture this lucrative market, on-trend foodservice operators are moving away from mass-manufactured toward craft roasted coffee. Their goal is to provide customers with coffee house quality flavor and an exceptional coffee experience. That is why we created Batch 0995.

Introducing Batch 0995 Coffee from Stockton Graham & Co.

Batch 0995 is artisanal coffee
. It starts with high quality 100% Arabica beans, craft roasted in small batches to achieve the fullest flavor. Once cooled, we artfully blend and package them in several different size options for your convenience.

Our Batch 0995 coffee is:

Craft Coffee in a Convenient Portion PackCRAFT ROASTED

Batch 0995 is specialty-grade coffee that is small batch roasted to maintain optimal flavor and freshness.



Quality Portion Pack Coffee From Stockton GrahamHIGH QUALITY

We use only 100% Arabica beans, the same quality of coffee served in high-end coffee shops, including several organic options, rare single origins, unique blends. It is also the basis for our flavored coffee offerings.


Batch 995 Coffee is craft roasted coffee in a convenient portion pack CUSTOM

With 20+ years of experience in the business of coffee, we will partner with you to build an exclusive coffee program that can help your business grow.


Batch 0995 coffees are available in whole bean and portion packs

In addition to our regular 2 and 5-lb bags, we have made it easy for foodservice operators to offer high-quality coffee by providing a unique concept: specialty-grade craft roasted coffee in perfectly pre-measured packs.

A selection of our most popular Batch 0995 coffees come pre-ground in convenient 1.75 oz. and 2.5 oz. portion packs so there is no need to weigh or grind coffee before every pot.


Batch 0095 Private Label Coffee Portion Pack

The following Batch 0995 coffees are also available in pre-measured packs:



Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Breakfast Blend Portion Pack Coffee Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Cinnamon Hazelnut Portion Pack Coffee
Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Colombia Stockton Graham Batch 0995 French Vanilla Portion Pack Coffee
Stockton Graham Batch 0995 House Blend Portion Pack Coffee Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Hazelnut Portion Pack Coffee
Stockton Graham Batch 0995 French Roast Portion Pack Coffee Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Flavored Coffee Portion Pack Coffee
Stockton Graham Batch 0995 Colombia Decaf Portion Pack Coffee

Download the brochure with our complete lineup: (Printable PDF of Batch 0995 Flyer)

Batch 0995 C Store Mockup

Batch 0995 Coffee Programs

Stockton Graham & Co. offers three coffee programs to support your business: Airpot Program, Carafe Program and Portion Pack Restock Program. We will also partner with you for a custom solution.

Your Stockton Graham & Co. Customer Care Associate is available at (800) 835-5943 to walk you through our Batch 0995 coffees and help you develop a program that’s right for your business. Or simply fill out the order inquiry form below to get started.