Apple “Chai-der”

So it’s inevitable… summer will soon be long gone. While this may bring the end of some traditional summertime drinks, it opens a door for new recipes, and it’s also an excuse to just be creative! Earlier this week, I got ahold of some fresh apple cider, and I was eager to hit the demo room so see what I could come up with! While some concoctions turned out better than others, there were a few that I was very impressed with. Apple cider naturally has a zesty taste to it that can be used to your advantage while creating a new drink for you menu.

One of my favorite drinks is what we here at Stockton Graham & Co. like to call “chai-der”. The name says it all… just combine chai and some apple cider, and you have a surprisingly tasty beverage. The spices between the two mix well and really hit the spot on a cold fall morning. Chai-der can also be made with apple and caramel syrup instead of apple cider if cider is not one of your in-stock ingredients.

– Liquid or Powdered Chai
– Apple Cider

Stir equal parts chai and cider together, place whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon on top and serve.