All New Mighty Leaf Display Rack!

Available now, Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to introduce the all new foodservice tea display rack from Mighty Leaf! Now sporting a sleek black interface and an improved tin system, the redesigned display rack will be sure to catch you customer’s eyes faster than ever. The new display racks are in stock now, highlighting these new features:

Bold New Interface: The redesigned rack is much more prominent with a sharp new look, to help your tea selection stand out!

Interlocking Tins: The new tins are now able to snap together so you can categorize or position them as you please!

Easy Grab Dispensers: Each tin now has a fastened dispenser at the bottom, so you can grab some tea on the fly when things at the shop get a little crazy!

Color Coding System: Mighty Leaf has assigned a label color for each genre of tea (black, green, herbal infusion, etc.), to help your customers and employees easily differentiate!

Two Different Sizes: The display racks are currently available in the eight count size, and coming this November, a 12 count rack will be available!