The Art of Coffee

Blending the Art and Business of Coffee Infographic Stockton Graham & Co. was founded upon the Art of Coffee, which is; a vision of sourcing, roasting and preparing superior tasting coffees to bring out the nuanced flavors, aroma, and body in a great cup.  The art of Coffee starts with understanding what your guests enjoy in a cup of coffee and how you want to differentiate your shop and menu from the competition. We then bring our own knowledge of running coffee businesses, as well as specialty coffee industry trends, and work to find and offer you the right coffees to accomplish your goals. As we have traveled, studied and explored, we have discovered that creating great coffee is truly an art… from where it grows and how it’s roasted, to all the possible brewing and serving options that can affect a cup.

“Stockton Graham & Co. is a true ONE STOP SHOP for anybody serious about great coffee! We originally chose them because of their commitment to excellent customer service, product selection and competitive pricing, and it is nice that they are somewhat small and local. The coffees I have bought from Stockton Graham & Co. have been second to none on the market, and I state this after sampling many good-to-great coffees from nationally-recognized artisan roasters. They have reached the goal of bringing out the very best each coffee has to offer. The entire staff goes above and beyond in all that they do to ensure 100% satisfaction. I would recommend Coffee College to anyone seriously interested in the industry, and the Stockton Graham & Co. email newsletters to any up-and-comers. When asked about what roaster I’d recommend, I have just one – Stockton Graham & Co. I simply say, I’ve tried the rest and always stuck with the best!” – Tommy Meeks, Shot of Spro


Sourcing Great Specialty Coffees

Coffees, especially high grown Arabicas, are among the most complex sensory foods humans enjoy. At Stockton Graham & Co., we have an intimate knowledge of coffees at origin. Our roasting staff combines their knowledge of visiting coffee farms and regions to understand how the complex interactions from soil, types of coffee plants, harvesting cycles, climate and milling processes will impact the cup qualities for each of our coffees. We sample and evaluate coffees year round to select those that will become Dilworth Coffees and Batch 0995 Coffees.

Craft Coffee Roasting

After searching for origins that meet our Roastmaster’s exacting standards, we utilize a combination of art and science to roast the coffees in a way that brings out the qualities that makes each coffee unique.  We roast and evaluate each coffee in sample batches and rigorously cup, or taste, to determine each origin’s “roast profile”, which ensures optimal and consistent flavor, aroma, acidity and body in each batch.

Our coffees are roasted to order in individual production batches, which allows control over the dynamics of heat, airflow and temperature, ensuring that each batch is roasted to its proper roast profile.  Each batch is quickly cooled, or quenched, using room temperature air, not water mist, at end of the roast cycle. We use a computerized roast profile and data logging software to monitor each roast level and ensure the roast profile is consistent from batch to batch.  Our zeal for quality and consistency do not stop there…  Our team constantly cups new shipments of green beans to ensure each batch of coffees maintain the same roast profile throughout the year.

Preparing Outstanding Coffee

The Art of Coffee has made us an industry leader and pioneer in developing and promoting specialty coffee standards, we develop all roast profiles for optimal flavor, aroma, acidity and body when brewed according to SCAA standards. Whether you prefer the drip method, espresso extraction or single cup brewing, our experienced team of SCAA Gold Cup brewing technicians and BGA certified baristas can help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages in extracting the optimal balance and flavor. Visit our Coffee Preparation page to view our Grinding & Brewing Guide and the Golden Cup Standards for Brewing.

At Stockton Graham & Co., we maintain this quest to continue exploring and learning about specialty coffees, as well as what makes them truly special, to enable our customers to offer guests an exceptional cup.  We are obsessed with the art of sourcing, roasting and preparing coffees to best exemplify the outstanding cup qualities of each individual origin!

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