Thom Swain

polaroid-thomThom’s entire career has been related to coffee or specialty beverage service. He is now the Director of Sales and Support of the Southeast at Stockton Graham & Co., but he has been in customer support, roasting, equipment maintenance, delivery and more! Thom began working in the coffee industry and for us in 1998. He also has experience in franchise operations and marketing. Thom’s main goal each day is to help his customers succeed.

Thom has been a volunteer for SCAA, the USBC and the WBC. He has been involved with the BGA and has been a judge at regional competitions. He is a certified technician for multiple coffee equipment brands. Thom is a Gold Cup certified technician and is Serve Safe Certified. He also boasts of co-creating our Coffee College program.

Favorite Coffee: Thom loves all Stockton Graham Coffees so much he could not pick just one. “They all have such unique and unpredictable nuances that it would be impossible to favor one, but I tend to like dry processed coffees most.”