Robbie Oakley

Robbie OakleyRobbie Oakley handles many tasks in the warehouse throughout the day. He considers himself responsible for accurately picking and packing each customer’s order and ensuring that it arrives in a timely and intact manner. His genuine concern for the customer makes Robbie a great member of our team. Prior to working at Stockton Graham & Co., Robbie was co-owner of an offset printing company in Durham for 13 years. Because of his experience, Robbie is a great work leader.

Starting his specialty coffee learning in 2012, Robbie has completed Coffee College training and also earned his Basic Barista Certification. His knowledge of specialty coffee is increasing every day.

When he is not working, Robbie is very active with his family and community. He has been on the board of the Exchange Club of Durham since 2006, and coached and served on the board for South Durham Little League just as long. Robbie enjoys fishing, playing golf and going to his son’s baseball games. Robbie has been married to his lovely wife for 22 years and has three kids.

Favorite Coffee: Kenya AA Plus Iyego
“I enjoy the Iyego’s sweet chocolate flavor, low acidity and sweet aftertaste, particularly single cup brewed. Brewing using a single cup method provides a clean cup of coffee, and makes it easier to control the variables.”